Had to happen some time, I suppose

35 Winding Lane reports an accepted offer. I don’t know what its final sale price will be (it’s recently been asking $1.995 million) but I was absolutely positive it wasn’t worth its requested price of $3.250 back two years ago, when it first came on for sale. Two years with an empty house seems like a long time to get religion, but perhaps that’s just me.


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17 responses to “Had to happen some time, I suppose

  1. Anon

    What are the chances that it will fail contract?

  2. Anonymous

    A buyer must have fallen in love with the infinity pool.

  3. Anonymous

    This was an extremely good price for an oversized lot in this location. I think a similar lot down the street with an equally bad house on it went for 2.5.

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous @1:03 pm, you must be referring to 10 Winding. A fool way overpaid for that. Besides the land and house of 10 Winding are better.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous @1:49, is this “fool” you?

  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous @1:58pm: the fact that you think that 1.99 is an “extremely good price” and “similar lot” and “equally bad house” makes you the biggest fool, a seller’s broker, or both.

  7. The New Normal

    can the anonymi (plural) pls distinguish themselves with numbers or letters Anonymous A, etc?

    getting confusing

  8. Anonymous

    I have followed the market in Greenwich for more years than I care to admit. Winding Lane is a beautiful street. The doctor’s property at 35 could be absolutely stunning. I really question all the negative comments and the agenda behind them. If I were in the market to build, I would jump all over 35 at its new price. The owners shot themselves in the foot with the beginning price which I think was over $3000000. Someone is getting a great deal for such a location.

    • You probably like 27 Vineyard Lane, too. Got a thing for rocks and swamps, do ya? That’s okay, we need people like you because otherwise there are a lot of properties in Greenwich that would be unsellable. Go forth and buy some more, and thank you.

  9. And on....

    Chris, I am starting to question the validity/quality of the “accepted offer”. Given how Anonymous @6:36pm is marketing it (like a seller’s broker), and given that it says “Accepted offer, continue to show”, I wonder if it is part of a plan to get some buyers to overbid on #35 like the fool at #10 did.

    if you recall #10, asking $2.3 and that fool went and put $2.5 at a time when everyone else was buying at well below asking! She must have fallen in love with the nice kitchen.

    Okay, if #35 doesn’t have an executed contract in 2 weeks then it is a fake.

  10. I need a name

    Wow, what is up with all the venomous anonymii comments today?

    Between this post and the Patterson house there have been some really ugly comments and insinuations and, to a lesser extent, most of the other posts have generated some ugly responses too. There’s not even a full moon to blame it on. Sad,

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous @6:36pm: the owners of #35 didn’t shoot themselves in the foot like you are claiming. They started at $3.25 million in May 2010. Thousands of buyers saw the property in the last 2 years and I am sure it got some offers. The problem is that the heirs don’t understand that it is the market that decides what the best price is not them.

    Since you claim to have followed the market in Greenwich for decades, you must have noticed the sale last January of 425 North Maple for $1.75 million. The sellers for that property also started at $3.125 million in April 2011 and also got some offers. However, they were smart enough not to keep rejecting good offers like the sellers of #35 did.

    If I were the seller of #35 and got an offer of $1.5 million then I would have definitely taken it. That is a very fair price for that lot.

    I think you are the one who has some agenda behind your unrealistic comments. Everyone else here is just stating facts. I am definitely stating facts since I have followed the market in Greenwich more than you did.

  12. Anonymous

    I need a name – you must be new to this blog. Venomous comments about how all buyers are fools, sellers are idiots, old houses are dumps, new houses suck, every location is terrible, ice cream tastes like shit and the entire world is going to hell are required.

  13. AJ

    All these anominati remind me of Edgar Bergen but with two Charlie McCarthys: three voices from the same mouth.

  14. I need a name

    @anonymous 8:26am, I’m not new at all, I’ve been around for four years, give or take. I just thought yesterday’s comments got more than a little out of hand. 😦

    Thanks for the reminder of FWIW posting etiquette and the laugh though, much appreciated.

  15. Anon

    How convenient!

    They claim “Accepted offer” right after 67 Winding is listed at $3.25 million.

    Can’t wait to find out when 35 Winding will be back as “Active”. Will give one more week!