Here’s a pretty house

111 Patterson Ave

No sales or contracts to report on but there’s this new (returned to market, actually after being pulled last June): 111 Patterson Avenue, asking $1.895 million. I didn’t see this last year but I’ll definitely go to its broker open house next Tuesday. It didn’t sell at $1.995 so maybe this $100,000 price cut isn’t enough but it looks charming and Patterson’s a good street, so I’m hopeful. I need decent houses to show buyers, just like every other agent in town.

(The listing doesn’t have pictures up yet so I used one from the withdrawn listing, but I’d imagine there will be more images later in the day.)


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21 responses to “Here’s a pretty house

  1. Dan

    Trulia still has pictures here:

    Does a huge deck make up for a sloping fairly unusable backyard? Great downtown, Brunswick-area location though… What do you think it’s worth? $1.5-6?

    • If I were in that price rnge, Dan I’d certainly make a run at it. $1.5 – $1.6 would be, I think, a real bargain (even with a hill for a yard) because of this location. You could pay up more and still be okay, I think. But again, I haven’t seen it, so what do I know? The pictures show a new kitchen and a house in great shape, which is why I think a higher value could justified.The low end you suggest could be spot on if the house’s actual condition doesn’t match the pictures.
      But I do like Patterson Avenue.

  2. Row Your Boat

    The pictures look great and the deck is in fine shape. This is Julian Curtis school though..but overall a nice little house in a convenient location.

    • You know, Row, every parent I know who has sent their kids to Julian Curtis or who has them there now says great things about the school. My advice to buyers worried about a particular school is to talk to any of their friends who actually have children there and ask their opinion, rather than rely on “reputation” test scores (especially with a school like Julian Curtis where – horrors! Some of the children come from the projects and bring the average score down. Belle Haven and Milbrook also are in the JC district and while I don’t suppose many Belle Haven kids attend it (assuming there still are any children in Belle Haven) I know lots of Milbrook kids do go there. Both those areas command very high values for their real estate.

  3. Cos Cobber

    classic curb appeal and the back deck is attractive and a good cure for the sloping lot. There are some other pros and cons, but overall I like it….especially at $1.5 to $1.6…but could see it selling for few dollars more.

  4. MC

    Anybody commenters actually been there? Brunswick schools parking lot and bus turnaround is in the back yard. Youd have to pay me to live there.

    • The neat thing about a town like Greenwich, MC, is that there’s a huge variety of neighborhoods to live in and one of them may fit your taste, whether its privacy, close neighbors, convenience or remoteness from public transportation and highways, etc. Same thing goes for house design too – what you may like someone else will probably hate but who cares? Buy what suits and appeals to you.
      I personally couldn’t stand living in one of those endless development tracts you see in Nevada or northern Virginia: hundreds of identical houses, each on an identical road and identical lot, ugh. But somebody must like that kind of living or these things wouldn’t get built. There you have it.

  5. Cos Cobber

    I just looked at the birds eye view…I dont find the close proximity to Brunswick an issue for me, per se…I’m sure it would be for others however.

  6. anonymous

    Hey, you get brother Gideon as your next door neighbor. Does that add value or is that a disclosable hazard? Some buyers might want invitations to those all night wild parties of his…

  7. Dan

    Brunswick is definitely not an issue for this place – especially given their huge King Street campus now.

    Chris – Really appreciate the comments on schools as that is most new residents main concern, but isn’t that easy for you to say given that you live in Riverside? Does brother Gideon really live by here – does he have kids that go to JC?

  8. Hiram

    I wonder if Julian Curtiss has ever been spelled correctly on this website.

  9. Anonymous

    Yes, what is the view in JC? That is such a key question for people wanting to buy in town?

  10. So Greenwich

    is that a carport under the deck?

  11. anon

    Does anyone on this blog have first-hand experiences to share on JC?

  12. Jane

    The Brunswick parking lot may not be pretty, but it is quiet. All the athletic fields are on King Street, so there isn’t hideous activity at the back of the Maher Ave. campus. I think the house is darling.

  13. As a neighbor who backs up to Brunswick, I feel compelled to chime in. If you don’t like polite, well-mannered boys who say hello and do projects like planting a springtime vegetable garden and blueberry patch next to your property, then this is not the place for you. If you find the sound of a baseball bat knocking the ball out of the park on a warm May day annoying, this is not your location. The bus turnaround is really not an issue. Is there activity? Sure, but Brunswick is a very responsible neighbor and generally keeps noise to a minimum. Instead of feeling the burden of living next to a school campus, we feel part of the Brunswick community. And being neighbors with many of the faculty members, we have really come to realize how lucky these boys are to have these great teachers and administrators. And Jane, you’re right, it is a darling house!

  14. Anonymous

    Better half – it sounds like you get a real kick out of those polite, sporty boys next door………..

  15. Anonymous

    I bet a Brunswick or GA parent snaps this up in a couple of weeks.

  16. Row Your Boat

    It should sell rather quickly. This market is ready to Rock and Roll. Right Anon?