If you work for Sears, you’re screwed. Owning it’s a different matter

Eddie Lampert in contract to buy $40 million Florida mansion. When I grow up I want to ruin a company and get rich, just like this guy.


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10 responses to “If you work for Sears, you’re screwed. Owning it’s a different matter

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t Florida Homestead laws protect primary residences from most creditors, with the exception of mechanics liens, even through bankruptcy?

    Readers? Does anyone know?

    • Yes it does – remember Dennis Levine, the Kidder Peabody guy who got caught up in the Ivan Boskey (sp?) scam? he sold out of Scarsdale and dumped everything he had in a Florida residence so that when he got out of jail, it would be waiting for him. Good point.

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder if the house has Kenmore appliances.

  3. Mike

    ..and will he mow the lawn with his Craftsman lawn mower in his Haggar slacks?

  4. Greenwich Gal

    That is rich, you guys! Seriously though, when Eddie Lampert was a student at Yale he was a big, unclassy greaseball that no girl in her right mind would even consider dating. At least he got to live large for a while.

  5. Ivan the Terrible

    that was Marty Siegel, CF. Dennis Levine worked at Drexel. just trying to help you keep your miscreants straight

  6. C. Aveman

    Eddie gets all the tail he needs these days!

  7. I’m betting Eddie’s hero is Bob Nardelli.

  8. Anonymous

    The homestead laws were changed- I believe they are limited to $1.5mm- a pittance for a sharpie like Sir Edward of Lampert

  9. Anonymous

    maybe the 40mm estate is a bunch of parcels several hundred sq. ft each. ya never know….