Ignoring facts to achieve political ends

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Of course that’s standard procedure everywhere but it’s a bit disheartening to see its use employed on something as tiny as the leaf blower next door. But that’s what Peter Tesei and the anti-petty annoyance crowd is up to. Tesei’s claiming that the Board of Health should ban the things on the grounds that they’re a health hazard – the Board says there’s no evidence of that. Tesei could go to the RTM and enact a law banning or restricting their use but concedes that he doesn’t have the votes for that and would prefer to employ his Republican controlled health board. So they should make up some “facts” he says.

Understand that I hate leaf blower noise and wish they’d never been invented. But when opponents of the machines use pseudo-science in their cause, I bristle. And stuff like this doesn’t help:

CALM [Crazed And Loony Mommies] wants to ban leaf blowers from April 15 to Sept. 15, citing the advice of several doctors and health organizations on its website. It claims that leaf blowers contribute to hearing loss, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, pollution, storm-drain obstructions, soil problems and hazards to animals, plants and insects.

These people’s SUV windshields constitute “a hazard to insects”.  Doesn’t deter them from driving up to Stratton each weekend.


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8 responses to “Ignoring facts to achieve political ends

  1. cos cobber

    Where o where has common sense and liberty gone?

    Its alarming californian nanny state logic and nitwit science has made its way here.

  2. It’s amazing how little news we have been hearing from afar, especially political, and then we realize it’s because we haven’t checked in with you for a few days, where all the REAL news can be found in one click. We did hear THIS story and expect the trend to grow. I may see about one when I get back to Bedford.


    (ps: i’ve tired to post this comment a few times and the internet connection is low and i get timed out. if it posts more than once, please delete the others)

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Tesei calls himself a “Republican”? Sounds more like Mikey Bloomturd to me.

    Separately, not to defend the CALM twits but its not exactly high bug season when they’re driving their SUVs up to Stratton.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    I hate the leaf blowers. You can barely enjoy your own backyard on a Fall day because of them. The infernal noise blasts all day. I do believe that they create an inordinate amount of noise pollution – Perhaps the answer would be to limit their use to certain days and times of the week.

  5. Balzac

    CALM (Crazed And Loony Mommies) has organized a new affiliate to carry out the moral imperatives of this campaign to protect oppressed insects, improve lawn maintenance, and teach us respect for the science of entomology: BUG (Biodiversity is a Universal Good).

  6. Georgie

    This is a totally weird issue….and odd turn of events. I’m with you CF on this one….the “gentle reminder” from the First Selectman the board members are there at his pleasure…..was way too Chicago Politics for me.

    I don’t agree that leaf blowers should be banned and surely there can be some compromise, but to create facts to get your agenda won, is quite unseemly.

  7. Anonymous

    Gretchen Biggs head of “CALM” -her father is “whats his name” Too bad she doesn’t use her money for more productive causes!