Just in time, too

Your tax dollars up in smoke

Chevrolet abandons goal of selling 45,000 Volts in 2012, “How about 30,000, instead?” How about it? Still pie in the sky, because just 1,023 were sold in February. That’s an improvement over the 600 or so sold in January but if you take out your abacus and multiply 1,000 by 12, you don’t get 30,000. Or I don’t anyway – your mileage may vary.

Nissan unload just 478 copies of their version of this boondoggle.

Discussion here wondering why the damn things won’t sell. Hmm, let’s see – $39,000 price tag despite the $7,500 taxpayers’ subsidy (with an extra $1,500 pitched in by those poor long-suffering Californians), tiny, slow (0-60 in 9 seconds – even Fred Flintstone would be embarrassed) and a driving range that will get you half-way to Grandmother’s house, assuming she lives around the block and downhill. Who wouldn’t want a car like that? Obama says he does, and promises he’ll buy one in five years. Hang in there until then, guys.

UPDATE: A reader sends this along, apparently released just as I was setting grubby fingers to keyboard: Chevy suspends Volt production.


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5 responses to “Just in time, too

  1. He proudly throws away more than $2 billion on solar energy, buys car companies that would be stronger had they gone through bankruptcy, and loses money on everything he does. Opposite of the Midas touch. Does anyone still believe in capitalism and free markets, property rights, and limited government? By the way, the Volts (dolts) that did sell were recalled because they tended to catch on fire. Boondoggle?

  2. anon

    The new clean diesel technology is the way to go. Thanks to new diesel emmission technology, the exhaust is actually cleaner than gasoline burning engines, and the fuel economy is 50% or more better. The German car companies are all catching on, but the US car makers are behind. My diesel Mercedes GL (the German version of an Escalade) gets low to mid 20’s MPG which is almost double what a Chevy Suburban gets. I get 600 miles on a tank of fuel!

    Obama should wake up and realize that Chevy Volt isn’t the way to go, but should mandate that all SUV’s go diesel – that would save a hell of a lot more energy than the Volt experiment. I figured that out and didn’t even go to Harvard…

    • Do you remember when a Harvard degree carried with it an imprimatur that you were either smart or rich? Guess that’s why Barry’s working so hard to get rich.

  3. anon

    No joke, this headline just hit the tape:
    *WSJ: GM Halting Chevrolet Volt Production For 5 Weeks Due To
    Slow Sales – Co


  4. Obama friend Rivkin sells out


    Charles Rivkin helped Obama raises millions of hollywood money. the reward to rivkin was ambassador to france. give me a break. us buys 4 chev volts. what will rivkin do when he has to leave, run gm ?