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Ignoring facts to achieve political ends

Brunswick scholarship students work on the Peter Malkin estate

Of course that’s standard procedure everywhere but it’s a bit disheartening to see its use employed on something as tiny as the leaf blower next door. But that’s what Peter Tesei and the anti-petty annoyance crowd is up to. Tesei’s claiming that the Board of Health should ban the things on the grounds that they’re a health hazard – the Board says there’s no evidence of that. Tesei could go to the RTM and enact a law banning or restricting their use but concedes that he doesn’t have the votes for that and would prefer to employ his Republican controlled health board. So they should make up some “facts” he says.

Understand that I hate leaf blower noise and wish they’d never been invented. But when opponents of the machines use pseudo-science in their cause, I bristle. And stuff like this doesn’t help:

CALM [Crazed And Loony Mommies] wants to ban leaf blowers from April 15 to Sept. 15, citing the advice of several doctors and health organizations on its website. It claims that leaf blowers contribute to hearing loss, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, pollution, storm-drain obstructions, soil problems and hazards to animals, plants and insects.

These people’s SUV windshields constitute “a hazard to insects”.  Doesn’t deter them from driving up to Stratton each weekend.


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