Speaking of Pilgrims

One of my favorite movies (Fargo and Get Shorty are on the list too) is Christopher Guest’s Best in Show. And one of the funniest bits is when Fred Willard interviews the head of the Mayflower Kennel Club.

nb: you have to click through to Youtube, for some goddamned reason. Do it, it’s worth it.


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3 responses to “Speaking of Pilgrims

  1. My favorite part is Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Lynch being interviewed after the dog show, after that kiss, as a couple. Too funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7PndvLncZE

  2. Greenwich Old Timer

    Also one of my all-time favorites!

  3. Anonymous

    Fred Willard’s take off of Joe Garagiola’s color comentary from Westminster is priceless.

    What’s even funnier about BEST IN SHOW is that it is closer to the truth about the dog show world than most people realize.

    As a breeder of show dogs we could name at least four or five individuals we know that could fit any of the character’s in the movie. I sympathize with Eugene Levy’s two left feet, in the ring I feel like I have two right ones.

    BTW if you want the famous bee, we sell it.