This was the week that was

Market’s closed and we had one sale reported, one accepted offer and six “new” listings, all properties that failed to sell last year.

For the week, we saw 8 sales, two in the fours ($4.970 and $4.495), three in the ones ($1.375, $1.150, $1.050) and three below ($845,000, $740,000 and $479,000).

That’s it. Welcome to busy week.


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5 responses to “This was the week that was

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    So we can expect all those Greenwich real estate agents who aren’t selling anything to vote Democrat so they can receive their 99 weeks of unemployment?

  2. Cos Cobber

    Mmmm…. I think I’ll switch the channel to the Kool Aid Kid to see what Mr Sunshine has to say….he’s never quite in tune with you.

  3. Bob

    So for the last 3 weeks (using your data for sales/contracts):

    > 5 million: 0
    3 – 5 million: 4 (12%)
    2 – 3 million: 0
    1 – 2 million: 15 (46%)
    < 1 million: 14 (42%)

    How pathetic is that! 88% of sales/contracts are below $2 million. Is this what we consider a "Greenwich" market recovery?

  4. Anonymous

    The market sucks and it is only going to get worse.