All your bases are belong to us

Hackers elect cartoon character to D.C. school board University of Michigan professor and two students did it -took them less than two hours – after the board dared anyone to try to breach their “secure” system.

Earlier this week I posted an article on  Connecticut’s Demmerkrats pushing for same day voter registration. While online voting is not part of that scheme, yet, the Democrat’s Secretary of State did say, [p] eople should be able to register and vote on the same day. We have computers now.”

I think I know where this is going.


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2 responses to “All your bases are belong to us

  1. w b h

    Law professor Glenn Reynolds of has the answer: paper ballots.

  2. Fred2

    Yep. Works in Canada _same day_ results. Sure we can do it here too.

    On the other hand I do not want to hear and bitching from California when the east coast finishes counting to within statistical probability before they get going.

    Also lets show some real ID when you vote, I need to show Id to get on planes, drive a car and borrow books at the library, I want to see my fellow citizen pony up some ability to show who they are.

    And if you give a fig for the 1.5% of Americans too damn useless or disorganized to have valid ID, I’ll spot you a government program to help. Happy now? But seriously since not having ID basically means “cannot function legally in the US”, I’d honestly prefer them not voting, their exercise of the franchise won’t be helping things.