Feel safer now?


Janet Napolitano says she's a terrorist. Or our TSA head is just jealous.

Woman forced to milk her breasts in airport’s public toilet to prove her breast pump was “real”. We have spent billions on TSA airport security in the past ten years, we are not the least bit safer and we have created a force of thugs dressed in rented uniforms to intimidate and harass passengers. Government gone amok.


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11 responses to “Feel safer now?

  1. Inagua

    TSA was brought to us by Bush, along with funny light bulbs, TARP, the Auto Loans, and an Iraq War based on non-existent WMDs.

  2. Anonymous

    Who is that woman in the picture? I’m in love.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    The reader wants to know who the babe in the picture is. You know, right?
    It is Lindsay Lohan, who is from Long Island. A confused little slut, who switches from carpet chomping to climbing the erector set on what seems like a daily basis. But she is a rare bird. A hot little ginger, with matching drapes and a spectacular set of fun bags. She has gone blonde recently, for some unknown reason, and while only 25, she looks 50.
    My advice is to avoid her, and never try and park your car in crazy. But if you want, I can send you her number. I think she is in town to host SNL tonight.
    You agree Dude?
    Your Pal,

  4. I need a name

    @Anonymous 3:08pm. It’s Lindsay Lohan before the substance abuse.

    You might want to bookmark the first part of the link I’m including for future reference. 😆

  5. AJ

    Bush may have brought it to us Inagua, but Obama has co-opted it all and pushed it hard as if it was all his own idea. He sort of has plagiarized all of Bushes top 100 wet dreams.

  6. DollarBill

    Shorter CF: The obvious answer is for the government (the FBI, not the TSA) to step up its harassment and spying on and intimidation of American Muslims. Yes, that will make our country much safer. Just don’t spy on “real Americans.”

  7. Anonymous

    Ouch….it is Lohan…..too bad she ruined her hotness with her substance abuse.

  8. peeps

    Inagua, Reagan was president when I experienced my internal bady search at the Anchorage Alaska Airport, due to our country’s war on drugs. There were terrible intrusions on personal rights before Bush. It didn’t feel any better that they couldn’t find anything by breaking some of my souvenirs from japan, and that there was nothing to find up in my hoo-hah. It left me always not being so sure about people in authority, but you’ve just got to suck it up. I am no fan of Bush, but it’s due to feeling that he ruined our country while trying to promote China (which seems to have helped Prescott’s investments). My dislike for what he did in office is not due to the TSA. Airport intrusions existed before then. No search warrant needed.

    And by the way, I thought Lohan was pretty good on SNL, and I liked that she could laugh at herself with the gag about John Hamm to be there in case they had to replace her quickly.