Global warming: it’s here

And already saving lives! Bring it on (and thanks to the New York Times for reporting this.)


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2 responses to “Global warming: it’s here

  1. AJ

    Decepticons are running the planet. This is the oldest trick in the book. Sucker the opposition, then finish them off with a sucker punch. Get everyone to support the idea of global warming because it’s good, and when you get everyone on board, it all of the sudden becomes bad.

  2. A mile and a half of ice once stood over the NYT headqaurters. Long Island would not exist without 10,000 years of galcial retreat.
    17 times this has happened that we are aware of. Instead of blamimg my Suburban and the voracious American suburbanites we should be planning for both cooling and warming. By the way, solar effects and increased seismic activity with an astroide or 2 thrown in the mix can have consequences far more important than Ford.