Occupy Wall Street, Oakland branch, arrested for hate crime

And for stealing her wallet after beating her and calling her a lesbian, NTTAWWT.


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13 responses to “Occupy Wall Street, Oakland branch, arrested for hate crime

  1. AJ

    Yes, of course they were protesters. Protesters protest, criminals steal. These were either common street criminals or provocateurs, who are quite often uncovered and are usually the ones making trouble at these events. Like it or not protesting is about as American as you can get — it’s how our country was born. But, fire away: you have the right to protest protesting — it’s the American way.

    • “provocateurs” was term especially favored by the Soviets when describing those who protested for civil rights in Moscow. “Outside agitators” was a term favored by Bull Conner and other southern bigots to describe those who demonstrated for civil rights south of the Mason Dixon line.
      Not saying that these people in Oakland, just like the rapists in Washington and New York, weren’t “provocateurs” sent by the Koch brothers to disrupt and discredit the true occupiers, but it seems more likely, to me, that they are the natural and expected offshoot of the people comprising OWS. Not everyone can be a privileged harvard student who can pitch a ten in the Yard and then retreat back to their comfy dorms. I’m sure most Harvard students are too civilized to actually rape or rob a woman, even (especially?) if she were a lesbian, but their friends are not.

  2. AJ

    Just sayin’, CF. Nothings at face value these days, particularly the US dollar. I don’t have any facts, but simple prostesters don’t go to these events to commit street crimes; common criminals might in search of easy prey. Whatever you want to call them, here in Canada, at both Québec City and Toronto G20’s, many of the agitators were proven to be undercover government operatives.

  3. AJ

    Just want to add: most of the OWS types are purported to be lefties, who are friends of the lesbian community, which you alluded to in your last sentence. And most of the Libertarian Ron Paul types are into choose your own path, whatever that may be. So to me, at least, this story doesn’t smell right.

    • AJ, these guys say they’re friends of gays but watch their actions, not their words. They’re racist, too: see what they call conservative blacks like Clarence Thomas or Condoleezza Rice. “House Nigger” and “Uncle Tom” were the milder of the expletives thrown at those two.

  4. AJ

    When I said lefties I was referring more to those entranced youths repeating Marxist slogans and copying hand signs given by group leaders as if they were children on Romper Room, and these youths are usually very socially liberal and accepting of alternate life styles. These people are almost certainly much more likely to be prey than predators. The people with the megaphones giving out the slogans, hand signs and trying to control the agenda are an entirely different matter, and those who choose to offer differing opinions are likely to quickly find they are communists thugs. Kind of reminds me of Wilhelm Reich’s “Mass Psychology of Fascism” and it’s description of the events leading up to the Nazification of Germany (available free online in PDF format). Briebart “died” the very day he was to release tapes of Obama hanging out with some of these weathermen communist thugs. Here’s a brief clip of an undercover FBI agent describing their agenda to overthrow the United States: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRg9il_V328

  5. AJ

    Just watch one of the many anti-flouride videos and you’ll know my response; some of them are quite lenghty. The stuff is poison; many say it’s added to water supplies to increase sterility (population control) and to slow or damage brain function (chemical dumbing down). They were going to put it in the water here because some poor children might not be able to afford a toothbrush, but city council said there’s no need for us to drink and bathe in the stuff, so tell us who these poor children are and we’ll buy them a toothbrush. This link will take you to many fluoride articles, so you can see for yourself: http://www.naturalnews.com/fluoride.html

    • There’s an anti-chlorine crowd running around these days, AJ that you might want to look into. That said, it seems to me that fluoride inserted into our public water supplies wasn’t an early step in the government forcing its will on citizens for their own good. I’m glad chlorine is in there, but it’s there because it’s scientifically proven to prevent some pretty horrible diseases. Fluoride, on the other hand, is supposed to strengthen children’s teeth – a laudable goal, surely, but to introduce a foreign substance into the water of all of us to benefit one portion of the population? Maybe a small step towards bad things. maybe.

  6. AJ

    Just thought I’d add: Google: Stalin, Hitler, Fluoride, and you’ll see that fluoride was a favorite of both Stalin and Hitler to keep populations docile. Also Google: Battle of Athens Tennessee fluoride, and you’ll see that after the major riot (more like war) that occured after a stolen election the government began adding fluoride to the water, purportedly to keep the American population docile and more accepting of their daily diet of sh*t.

  7. AJ

    Haven’t heard anything about chlorine; if there was something to it, the aluminum foil I wear on my head to protect myself from gamma rays and neutrinos surely would have picked up some signals by now. I think chlorine evaporates out if you let you’re water sit around for a while, and I know that without it every day would be a boil water day. Most (maybe all?) bottled water lists mineral contents including fluoride if it is present, and is chlorine free. I’ve found most bottled water to be hard, and it will leave limescale, a white chalky substance, that builds up a deposit in your kettle. I’ve also read (Google it) that even more fluoride than you get from water can be found on fruit, especially grapes, and that the best way to avoid it is to buy organically grown fruit (expensive).

  8. Kevin

    The Left loses credibility when they commit hate crimes and when their supporters don’t condemn such hatred. That is what is expected of the Right, not the Left. Sadly, Occupy Oakland has taken a page from the mayor’s violent playbook.

    Anyone associated with Occupy Oakland care to condemn the attack on the victim? The Left, the Right, and those who find hate crimes to be community destroying acts of domestic terrorism are waiting.

  9. Rude Poster


    The only reason “the right” is associated with hate crimes is because that is the story line that Hollywood uses over and over again. The fact is the left (i.e. urban welfare recipients) are responsible for 90% of the violent crimes in our country. Violent crimes are the same as hate crimes. Let’s call a spade a spade. By the way, you sound like a liberal fruit loop and I will bet your wife boss’s you around. Have a nice day.