Does this mean we can expect Australians to murder Muslims in Sydney?

A religion of (two) peaces

Libyan Muslims desecrate graves of WW II Australian soldiers.

Amateur video footage of one of the attacks, posted on Facebook, shows armed men, some wearing camouflage, casually kicking over headstones and using sledge hammers to hit the Cross of Remembrance.

One man can be heard saying “this is a grave of a Christian” as he uproots a headstone from the ground.

Another voice says of those buried in the cemetery: “These are dogs.”

Imagine the shock and outrage were Australians to seize Muslims and behead them in retaliation. Why? Because we expect civilized behavior from western civilizations and expect nothing but barbarity from Middle Eastern inhabitants. Is this the “soft bigotry of low expectations” or just the weary recognition of reality, based on sad experience? Ponder that while you wait for the Muslim clerics of Libya to apologize for and demand the trial and punishment of the perpetrators of this impious act.


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12 responses to “Does this mean we can expect Australians to murder Muslims in Sydney?

  1. Anonymous

    Whilst the acts of these extremists is absolutely disgusting; it is a trifle unfair to describe all Middle Eastern inhabitants as barbaric. You might remember that the Israelis that you are so fond of defending also inhabit the Middle East. Are they barbarians? You should be careful with such sweeping generalizations.

  2. Anonymous

    You’re doing a fine job endearing yourself to Muslims close to home by systematically and repeatedly classifying all Muslims as terrorists…….

  3. Walt

    Anonymous –
    You ignorant slut. Why is it the Weasel Boy’s job to ingratiate himself to anybody? Why do we need to bow down to Slums? Let’s see, shall we?
    They cut people’s heads off. That is OK right? If you don’t believe what they believe, they think it is OK to kill you. In fact, they think Allah commands it. You are cool with that, right? In Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive. They actually may have that one right.
    Anyhows, you are condoning respect for a 7th century civilization, who denies basic human rights. And you feel good about that? Tell me why exactly. If you would be so kind.
    You turd.
    Your Pal,

  4. dogcatcher

    Fookang weird beards!

  5. john

    Arab Spring my ass. So this is the Crowd our State Dept. wants to help out?

    Walt is right, as usual,



  6. Anonymous

    Nothing like some good generalizations, Walt. Not all Muslims are terrorists. But based on the posts by you and Fountain on this blog, you see no difference. Do let us know how your next taxi ride goes. It would be interesting to hear if you get an “education”. Nothing like a good learning experience….

  7. Anonymous

    Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims

  8. Anonymous

    That is why I admire France for banning the muslim’s women & men from wearing veil. I think all civilized countries should do what France did.

    Why can’t Obama pass a law here in America banning muslim’s veil?

  9. Dude

    Anonymous @ 9:20, really?? I’m amazed at the misinformation posted on this blog.

  10. Rude Poster

    Anonymous @ 9:20,

    I hope you did not book a vacation to Mexico for spring break. If you want to see some terror on a daily basis just head south of the border.

  11. Anonymous

    By terrorists, I did not mean Mexicans causing terror in their home country, but specifically terrorists who want to cause harm to innocent western civilians that they believe are infidels to their cause.

    BTW, you knew exactly what I meant.