RTM Land Use Committee Contact Information

According to the current RTM information, here are your fellow citizens responsible for the FAR fiasco. Why not drop them a line?


Delegate District: 1

Alternate District: 1

Delegate District: 2

Alternate District: 2

Delegate District: 3

Alternate District: 3

Delegate District: 4

Alternate District: 4

Delegate District: 5

Alternate District: 5

Delegate District: 6

Alternate District: 6

Delegate District: 7

Alternate District: 7

Delegate District: 8

Alternate District: 8

Delegate District: 9

Alternate District: 9

Delegate District: 10

Alternate District: 10

Delegate District: 11

Alternate District: 11

Delegate District: 12

Alternate District: 12



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3 responses to “RTM Land Use Committee Contact Information

  1. Nathan Hale.

    RTM Land Use meets tonight at 8 pm at Town Hall. 2nd floor Cone Room.

  2. TraderVic

    Hey Nathan, did you know that P&Z’s Zoning Enforcement Officer has a list of the lots that already exceed the green zone regs? Was this list ever published? It is my opinion that the P&Z obfuscated who is actually impacted by this new regulation in order to get it passed!

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Swan Grant!! What a lovely name!! Is she a little ballerina? A spinner? How did she get involved with dirt rules? I wonder about stuff like this. I don’t know why. I can’t help myself. Do you know her? Is she a hottie, or just teasing us with the porn star name?
    But it is a diverse group I am happy to report. We have a surprising number of Jews on the RTM, I thought. Berg & Schneider? Who let them in? NTTAWWT. And Irish too!! McCabe, and Campbell. I trust we make them live in Cos Cob, right? The lack of snow must have killed them!!
    Where are all the Buffy Howells, and Muffin Longstreets? No Biff Armstrong? That makes me sad. Sure there are some WASP’s there, but not as many as I would have thought. I think the Itralians have them outnumbered, for Pete’s sake. They must live in NOPO, right? Maybe the WASP’s get more votes than the common folks? You are one of “those people”, right? Can you explain it to me?
    Your Pal,