The Dollar Bill Agenda?

A good job for this man? What, exactly is he capable of doing?

Who knows what Dollar Bill wants these days, but these certainly sound like goals he’d support, and I know that Brunswick grad Cole Strangler is all for them. Anyway, the news is that the Occupy My Mommy’s Back Yard swarm is gearing up for action, slated to begin just as soon as their schools close the dorms for the summer. Here’s what they demand:

  • Good jobs for all! Economic justice now – Make the banks and corporations pay for their crisis!
  • Money for education, health care, housing and all human needs, not for war and incarceration!
  • Justice for immigrants and all oppressed peoples! Stop the raids and deportations!

God help these losers should “economic justice ever actually prevail. And they fail to define what a “good job” is or who will pay for it, nor what money “for all human needs” is about, but I’m pleased they support “justice for all oppressed peoples”.  That entails bombing Iran and Syria, I assume, invading Zimbabwe and Venezuela – hooray! I do wish there were some evidence, however, that these people are capable of rational thought and can work their drug-addled brain cells to produce more than bumper sticker slogans; adding an exclamation point to a trite message does nothing to make that message meaningful.


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3 responses to “The Dollar Bill Agenda?

  1. DollarBill

    The fact that you think “bombing” and “invading” countries” into oblivion proves how “tough” you are and that the victims of the Wall Street scam are nothing but a bunch of whining”losers” demonstrates how your crackpot Tea Bagger ideology is devoid of rational thought, and empathy. Just warmed-over Randism, completely discredited wampum…More here…

    • Okay, you don’t like bombing. Nor do I-nasty business. So how do you propose we help OWS achieve their goal of bringing justice to the oppressed people of Iraq and Syria? I want to do this, really, so what’s your plan?

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Here’s a thought. HALO drop the whole gang into Homs. They can protest against Bashir Al ‘Assad as a dress rehearsal for their September 2012 re-Occupy events. But they’ll have to pay their own way back.