What would Noah do?


Wait a minute, gotta check the rules here

Man ordered to remove 72′ boat from his Newport Beach yard. My sympathies are withe the boat restorer and not his cranky neighbors. The man is a genuine boat builder – he built a 118′ schooner before this project, and it’s still sailing, and he started this before the city, doubtless under pressure from his neighbors, enacted an ordinance requiring a special permit for projects such as this in 2009. Eccentrics are rapidly running out of room.


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7 responses to “What would Noah do?

  1. sadsa@sadsdf.com

    “he started this before the city, doubtless under pressure from his neighbors, enacted an ordinance ”

    You’d think he’d be grandfathered in then.

    After all laws don’t apply retroactively in civilized countries, in fact it’s almost the definition of civilization in the legal world onthe bedrock principals.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Stamford, like the Taliban, bans the flying of kites in public parks. Go figure.

  3. Cobra

    “You’d think he’d be grandfathered in then.”

    However, remember, this is taking place in the Peoples’ Republic of California, home to such fair-minded, honest senators/congresspersons as Pelousy, Boxer, Feinstein, Waters, etc.. What a crew…four of the most repugnant, morally corrupt lizardesses in our government.

  4. AJ

    Maybe he can tent it or build a strapping and vapor barrier plastic style shed. Things are getting weird: I read recently that someone had an old car he was restoring that he kept enclosed behind a fence so that no one could see it. The city he lived in flew helicopters around town looking for such things, and ordered him to remove the car even though it was completely hidden from view.

  5. Mr. Holland’s opus?

  6. AJ

    Speaking of flying kites: Troops Used For Crowd Control At Texas Kite Festival. Read more/video: http://www.blacklistednews.com/Troops_Used_For_Crowd_Control_At_Texas_Kite_Festival/18299/0/0/0/Y/M.html

  7. AJ

    But if you think that’s crazy, what if I told you that you could be arrested for breaking US drug laws while in a foreign country even if that activity were legal in that foreign country:

    U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill

    The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill yesterday that would make it a federal crime for U.S. residents to discuss or plan activities on foreign soil that, if carried out in the U.S., would violate the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) — even if the planned activities are legal in the countries where they’re carried out.

    Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/06/us-drug-policy-war-congress_n_998993.html