Realtor listing language – it’s a wonder to behold

Racing towards Cherry Lane

22 Cherry Tree Lane down at the end of Indian Head is a great looking house and I’m glad to see it returned to the market, marked down to $5.495 from its first asking price last June of $6.995. Better. But I was struck by its description of the property which (because I don’t know how to grab a screen shot) you should Google a bird’s-eye view to most enjoy:

“Watch the sailboats in [did they sink? Ed] LI Sound from your front porch in wonderful Harbor Point”.

Now no one likes Harbor Point more than I and I’ll vouch that you can certainly espy sailboats from some vantage points in that association, but not here: 22 Cherry’s front porch faces the street, the other side of which borders a swamp/tidal pond. You might see an intrepid lad sailing his model yacht, I suppose, and if you were to climb on the roof, stretch your neck and peer west you might catch a glimpse of a real sailboat out at sea, but watching them sail by while you’re sitting in a rocker on this home’s front porch? Don’t count on it.


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9 responses to “Realtor listing language – it’s a wonder to behold

  1. Chris


    Try SnagIt for your screen caps.


  2. Cobra

    I had a friend who had a nasty case of the SnagIts back in the ’60’s. Nasty little buggers, he told me. He shaved one side and lit the other side on fire. When the SnagIts fled the conflagration, he stabbed them all with a fork. Painful, but effective.

  3. anon

    Hit the PRINT screen button on your keyboard (assuming you have a PC) and then PASTE the screen print into an editting program such as Paint or Photoshop. You can then select what you want to want and CUT/COPY/PASTE what you need to.

  4. anon

    Maybe the realtor was refering to the Noreaster that flooded every street south of the village last year. You would have certainly been able to watch sailboats float down your street after that storm!

  5. reader

    I Bing Mapped the house, which I like better than Google mapping it because you can see the house from the sides at different angles (not from the top looking at the roof, like Google shows you).
    And yeah, that silly Realtor who says you can see sailboats from the front porch…maybe she was thinking of toy sailboats, as you said.

  6. Riverside Ranter

    To add to 3:49pm Anon’s comment, if you have an Apple, depress the “shift”, “command” and the numeral “4” buttons simultaneously to capture a screen image.

  7. inan

    I don’t know, she includes two images of boats…maybe she should have said you can see the sailboats leaving CC harbor for the Sound (google aerial shows lots of boats in direct line of sight) or maybe she should have said you can catch a peek of sailboats on LI Sound from the rear second floor balcony due to the generousity of your pals at the end of Pilot Rock who didn’t overbuild an enormous house. 😆

  8. inan

    P.S. SnagIt is a utility to capture any portion of what’s currently on your screen and convert it to an image. Works on both PCs and Macs although you might need to download a copy for your Mac. SnagIt came preloaded on my Dell PC. It’s easier and faster than using the print screen function. 🙂