They’re smart not to linger

138 Cat Rock Road has just taken a whack out of its price, knocking it from $4.195 to $3.750 today. I said when I first saw this house a few weeks ago that I thought it was great – beautifully constructed to an interesting design that appealed to me, if not to everyone. But I wondered how it would do with the sale last May of the house next door for $2.3 million. A short sale, conceded, and a different house, but still, $2.3 and $4.2 is quite a distance. Now that distance has been shortened.


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10 responses to “They’re smart not to linger

  1. not so anonymouse

    What a charmingly odd house.

  2. Anonymous

    You’re right, Chris. This house is stunning; and now at a better price. Still probably $500k too high, but getting there.

  3. AJ

    I guess these people really had to move. With property values continuing to sink (deflation) and with cost of goods and services continuing to rise (inflation), an overpriced house that stays on the market for too long can cost the seller a lot more than he thinks. A flashy silver spoon will usually work well when there’s a lot of activity and the blues are feeding near the top. But at other times you’ve got to jig the bottom with a nice big chunk of menhaden if you want to catch any fish.

  4. greenwich dude

    this house has endless style but is more cramped and oddly laid out than you’d think. that deep into cos cob and a back lot seems like high 2s low 3s to me

  5. jeremy jones

    You should try taking any of your clients to it. This is a very good price for a very, very tastefully done property. Cat Rock Road isn’t great, but wow what a lot of house for the $.

  6. Real Estate Junkie

    Clearly Jeremy Jones has something to gain on this one. “What a lot of house for the money”? That’s funny, Jeremy. What do you think of the house that sold next door for 3.2 with a gorgeous pool and loads more property….I’d say that’s a lot of house for the money. This is a cramped house in a back lot with no pool – in COS COB. For, um, a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS MORE. Last time I checked, that’s a lot of money. Oh, and did I mention it only has a two car garage? And, not for nothing, but has anyone noticed it’s on a little over one acre in a two acre zone? I’m thinking high 2s. And remember, you can’t take the decorating with you. Just saying.

  7. inan

    @REJ, I did a bit of pseudo googling around and the exclusive agent is Sally Maloney at GFP…maybe JJ just really likes the house.

  8. Real Estate Junkie

    Maybe JJ is a friend of the owners? Or the owner? Or a next door neighbor who wants the price of their house to increase in value? There’s loads of possibilities, but everyone knows that as it stands now, that’s a ridiculously high price for that house/location/property….and anyone who thinks otherwise is either just plain dumb or has ulterior motive.

  9. Artie

    Two minor things: 1.) couldn’t they decide on what color to paint the exterior? & 2.) what is the value of putting that purple/lavender room picture in the bunch – just to show that every color of the rainbow has been included?