Who is Lee Whitnum?

Some Demmerkrat from Greenwich who’s running for Senate, apparently, and enough of a nut job, according to our current (Demmerkrat) Governor, to justify a restraining order against her. Hey, I’ve never heard of her – don’t much follow the Demmerkrats except when they’re digging in my pocket, but she’s got quite a history, according to Wikipedia. This should be fun – I hope she wins the senatorial election, just so we can balance out Feinstein and the other kooks.

Here are some biographical notes as culled from Wikipedia:

Was dorking John Kerry back in 1990 and was his main squeeze until he dumped her in favor of the very wealthy ketchup lady and thereby gained access to enough cash to run for president (while “he still has the hat”, he did not win the election itself, you may recall).

Has sued our town, the same one she lives in, and Peter Tesei for allowing a Bar Mitzvah to be celebrated in Town Hall.

No fan of  AIPAC, the Israeli lobby here in the United States, she said of Dannel Malloy, our dyslexic Governor, “you have to be able to read to learn about AIPAC’s unchecked power – it is not discussed on television” (now that’s funny!) .

Darling of the Occupy Wall Street movement, naturally.

Like I said, this should provide some grand entertainment in the upcoming political circus. You go, girl!


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9 responses to “Who is Lee Whitnum?

  1. C. Aveman

    Dumb doughnut. The last thing CT needs.

  2. She would still be an improvement to what we have today.
    I rather her than more Shays Daze…..

  3. Greenwich Gal

    What is this new activity “dorking?” So curious….

  4. AJ

    Something that dorks usually don’t get to do too often GG.

  5. Balzac

    Lee Whitnum for Senate. This raises some interesting questions. Can one dare to say she seems erratic? Egotistical? Truly suitable for a Democrat Senator? Here in Connecticut we were served for 30 years by Democrat Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd was a low-achieving nincompoop whose primary qualification for the office was that his father had held it. Dodd was Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Thus he was one of the most important people overseeing the banking industry when it …. wrecked itself. Dodd blamed Bush. Dodd’s achievements included regulatory supervision of Fannie and Freddie when they crashed in the biggest fraud mess ever, over $100 billion, compared with Enron, Madoff and Lehman Bros, under $50 billion each. Even Connecticut voters figured out that Dodd was rotten, so he quit rather than run again recently, and fools that we are, we replaced him with another Democrat Dick Blumenthal, who will continue his policies. It would be truly self-flagellating to inflict another Democrat Senator on ourselves, particularly this Ms. Whitnum, who appears to bring chaos wherever she goes.

  6. pulled up in OG

    She ain’t too fond of bloggers either. : )

    “In her lawsuit against My Left Nutmeg, Whitnum alleges that the political blog not only quashes any comments that are favorable of her but perpetuates libelous information in a multitude of postings, including a voter guide on the website that she said she asked to be removed.

    “The plaintiff has suffered emotional distress, ridicule, loss of credibility, being marginalized, financial loss and loss of job opportunity from the postings,” Whitnum wrote.

    Among the blog entries that Whitnum included in the exhibits section of her lawsuit was one titled, “Lunatic Lee hates us, she really, really hates us.”


  7. Nanee Mouse

    It seems that her major skill set is knob polishing for nasty old men with cash and low standards (she is definitely no looker). I am not sure how this helps out CT? She may want to give Mr. Soros a call (although i think he gets better looking and much younger gals than this). I hope this post does not cause her emotional stress. i am just telling it like it is.

  8. Anonymous

    anyone is better than Ken Krayeske!!