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I expect no better from the other three morons but I’m disappointed in Scott Frantz


Four fools

All four of Greenwich reps back a cell tower ban near schools “because if it saves the life of just one child” …. Not a scrap of evidence supports this fear – to the contrary, every study of the issue disproves those fears. But ignorance will out, and triumph. Imagine if electricity were invented today. we would still be using whale oil fifty years from now and schools – oh, the humanity! – would be in the dark for the centuries to come.



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So, how’s that FAR been working?

Judge for yourself. This is Lockwood Road in Riverside, taken today. All new construction has been regulated by FAR and my, isn’t it nice that the original streetscape remains unchanged.


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Another slow day in Paradise

34 Benenson

Just four accepted offers reported today, 2 of which were land sales that will probably close at under $1 million, one residence in Lockwood asking $1.7 and another residence on 34 Benenson Drive asking $1.150. Benenson’s kind of interesting. A quasi-contemporary straddling the Stamford/Greenwich line (Greenwich schools), it’s been on and off the market since 2006, when it started at $1.750. Dropped each year: $1.695 (’07),$1550 (’08), $1.395 (’09), then took a rest during 2010 and came back on this past October at $1.150, which seems to have done the trick. Total of 938 days of active listing over that period. I remember seeing it in 2006 and I liked the house, hated the price. That opinion as to price was shared by everyone else, obviously. At $1.1 or so, I like the house and the price.


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Another Greenwichite off to the pokey

Five years at Happy Acres Farms, Alabama

Heidi Walker, formerly of 69 Lake Avenue (close enough to make her an honorary resident of Round Hill), has plead guilty to fraud; off to the work farm for five years. Her former husband, Peter Pfabe, is also a thief, also going off.

The couple will be sentenced on June 28.

According to a grand jury indictment in 2010, Walker arranged for Deutsche  Bank to pay $345,000 and AIG to pay $125,000 to companies run by her husband in  exchange for alleged client and marketing services.

Walker oversaw client services at Deutsche Asset Management for all but two  months of the May 2002 to January 2006 period and was head of global client  service at AIG Global Investment Group from February 2006 to June 2008,  according to the 2010 indictment said.

Pfabe was a director of global institutional marketing in an asset management  unit of a large bank from April 1999 to April 2003, according to the feds.

Heidi last graced these pages back in November, and you may want to refresh your memory. Good stuff: horse farms, vibrators and even an angry message from Heidi herself.

69 Lake Avenue

UPDATE: Heidi’s digs on Lake are still for sale, listed at $1.775 million. The MLS shows 4,255 DOM. I don’t know whether that’s accurate but I do believe she’ll want to sell before her April sentencing. Probably going to be a short sale – Wells Fargo holds a $1.5 mortgage on the place, which is probably more than it’s worth. Could be worth taking a run at, if you like the excitement and ambience of traffic and ambulance sirens.

UPDATE II: Well this is sad. Heidi’s co-conspirator, Peter Pfabe, was a navy pilot who took part in the Libya raid in 1980 and was in the World Trade Center September 11th. Survived all that and came a cropper on greed. He has children, and I’m sorry for them. He probably should have thought of them before heading down this path with Heidi.

UPDATE III: I guess we know how she paid her lawyer’s fees. Sold her horse farm for $1.5 million. House, stables and 85 acres. Seems like a pretty good buy but taxes are $45,000 pee year. Welcome to New York.

UPDATE IV: Heidi borrowed $325,000 from another Greenwich boyfriend, Alf Aanonsen, then claimed it had been a gift when he sued her for its return. She lost.


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Well how else would they know she was missing?

Parents leave 3-year-old at Chuck-E-Cheese spot, discover their error while at home watching evening news. I always figured a successful family outing was when we came back home with the same number of kids we’d started with. Usually, we did.

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Heck, Walt’s had these for years

“Mantyhose” enter mens’ wardrobe.


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Oooh, this ought to whip up the base

Tom Friedman: Obama may be the most pro-Israeli president ever. I stopped reading Friedman years ago and have no intention of resuming but this headline, culled from Google News, caught my attention because the Messiah’s base: Occupy Mommy’s Backyard, Greenpeace and every college student in America is for the Palestinians and despises Israel. Not that I expect the mob to desert the fellow in the White House – if the continued operation of Gitmo and the targeted killing of Americans couldn’t shake them loose this certainly won’t. But it is amusing.


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Sotheby’s Kool-Aid

Got your solar - brewed tea, right here

Another Greenwich real estate blogger is crowing about FIVE (!) accepted offers today and implying that the market is roaring along. Whatever. In truth, those five shrink to three: you don’t get to count a land listing and its companion residential listing as two properties.

Of those three, we have 62 Hillside, listed as land and a tear-down house at $1.095, 27 Byfield, same story, asking $1.495 and almost certainly selling for $1.1 maximum and probably less, and 12 Lockwood, in Old Greenwich, asking $1.795.

I’m still waiting for the spring market to arrive and rapidly losing faith that it will. Regardless of what that other blogger thinks.

UPDATE: The boy was actually writing about yesterday when three (not five) accepted offers were reported, unless you want to count two crappy condos, which I don’t. As I mentioned yesterday, with the exception of a North Street home asking in the threes, everything else, including those condos, was under $2 million and as low as $445,000. I stand by my comments.


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Probably not this time, but soon

Massive solar storm heading our way, will reach earth tonight. When the big one hits it will disable our electrical grid, knock out the GPS system and bring down the Internet. It’s been suggested many times that recovery money be spent beefing up our infrastructure to protect against this disaster but most of those jobs would be performed by men, a bad thing, and Obummer needs to spend money of green projects to demonstrate to his base that he “cares”. Too bad.


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Well damn

Saw a house come on the market this week and groaned when I looked up the mortgage burden – there’s just no way, I don’t  think, that this one is going anywhere except via short sale and that’s a long, drawn out process. That’s probably a good deal for the sellers – they can anticipate staying put for a long time, but it’s a turn-off to many buyers. Not all buyers – those with, say, a 9 month to 1 year time frame might be very interested in this house.

But despite some readers’ comments that I’m scoffing at families in this situation, the opposite is true. I’ve been through my share of woes – more than my share, if I’d had my say in the matter, and I have the deepest sympathy for those facing the prospect of losing their equity and having to uproot their family. Times suck.


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Maybe they’ll subsidize propeller beanies next

Got my job as a pool cleaner through the Government Times!

Reader and fellow blogger Peg sends along this story of yet another government success story.

Part of an $11 million grant intended to provide business attire to 400 low-income job-seekers instead helped only two people, an audit of the city’s Department of Human Services has found.

The audit, conducted by the city’s auditor general for the period from July 2009 to September 2011, found the department failed to control the operations and finances of a boutique that was to provide the clothes.

The department did not safeguard grant funds or create an inventory for the clothing, the audit found.

To receive clothing, residents were required to have a job interview scheduled. According to the audit, the DHS was supposed to help 400 people between October 2010 and September 2011 but instead served only two.


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Slow going in the fast lane

It’s only Wednesday morning but of the 7 accepted offers reported so far this week, one was asking $3.7 million, the other six were all at $2 million or below, and even as low as $445,000.


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A price cut in Hillcrest

5 Ricki Beth Lane has reduced its price to $2.175. I like Hillside and I thought this was a good house when I saw it last year (May?).


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Remember when the French denounced America as a racist, xenophobic nation?

Go home!

Sarkozy says too many foreigners in France. 

Immigrants are currently entitled to the same benefits as people born in  France. Sarkozy said he wants to change the residency rules so immigrants have  to have lived in France for a certain number of years before being able to claim social  welfare benefits for people on low pay, or pensions.

Around 180,000 people are admitted to France every year – a figure Sarkozy said he will cut to around 100,000, according a  report in Le Monde.

As Milton Friedman observed, you can have open borders or a welfare state, but not both.



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Creationism on the Left

A Tesla meets reality

Liberals reject science, tout coal powered electric cars. Obama pushes for more subsidies for the 1% who can afford $100,000 cars while the companies themselves are going bankrupt. These cars cannot, will not work – the science is settled.

Democrats and liberals are fond of calling their conservative and Republican adversaries “anti-science.”  To the extent that the right espouses “creation science,” or disputes established facts about environmental degradation, it’s an appropriate label.

But progressives’ fascination with electric cars and other alternative-energy schemes reflects their own refusal to face the practical limitations of alternative energy — limitations that themselves reflect stubborn scientific facts.


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Is there any other kind of Yankee (outside of the Bronx)?

Simmons to chair “conservative” Yankee Institute.

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I’ve been meaning to mention this

Doesn't end til Saturday, so relax

It’s National Procrastination Week.

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One down, so many more to go


I'm done down here, Scottie, so beam me up!

Kuchinich (who knew he was still around?) loses primary, will leave the House. It was a battle between two lefty nut jobs shuffled into one district as the result of the depopulation of Ohio, so no huge victory here for the good guys but as Glenn Reynolds said the other day, “the good news is that one of them will lose”. Indeed.


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Diets for out-of-work windmill workers


Government road painters at work

It’s what’s for dinner in the new Obummer economy:

Let them eat roadkill! Twenty years and counting, an all-roadkill diet.

Or if they’re vegetarian, they can follow this lady’s example: UK woman eats only cheese pizza for 31 years.

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