A price cut in Hillcrest

5 Ricki Beth Lane has reduced its price to $2.175. I like Hillside and I thought this was a good house when I saw it last year (May?).


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10 responses to “A price cut in Hillcrest

  1. InfoDiva

    The listing says the house has a “Costco Room.” What the heck is that?

    • “Costco rooms” are kind of the latest features in houses, Info – a room, or space in the garage, with oversized shelves to accommodate a successful Costco run. They actually make sense, to me. I’m way past the need for Costco – sized packaging but for a family with lots of kids, I’d think it would be very helpful. Certainly my own clients who shop the warehouses seem to think so. A cheap set up, if you’re looking to make yiour house a little more attractive to buyers.

  2. Cos Cobber

    umm, too bad its still way over priced. best of luck.

  3. anon

    i wouldn’t live on a road called “ricki beth” even if it were the nicest house in all of Greenwich. Doesn’t Greenwich have any vetting process for naming roads???

    • Blame the builders of the 60’s – they seemed fond of naming their newly-built streets after their kids – AnJim Road? Gag me with a spoon. But no, no vetting process.

  4. It happens here in Westchester too. I’m just down the street from Pamela Lane, Allan Dr. and worst of all “Sassi Street”.

  5. Cobra

    Don’t forget “Will Merry Lane.”

  6. Cobra

    Lee Whitnum?

  7. Row Your Boat

    It seems Hillcrest gets a pretty good discount to Old Greenwich south of route 1 and Riverside..somewhere in between the Westover and Riverside properties. Just my observation.