Creationism on the Left

A Tesla meets reality

Liberals reject science, tout coal powered electric cars. Obama pushes for more subsidies for the 1% who can afford $100,000 cars while the companies themselves are going bankrupt. These cars cannot, will not work – the science is settled.

Democrats and liberals are fond of calling their conservative and Republican adversaries “anti-science.”  To the extent that the right espouses “creation science,” or disputes established facts about environmental degradation, it’s an appropriate label.

But progressives’ fascination with electric cars and other alternative-energy schemes reflects their own refusal to face the practical limitations of alternative energy — limitations that themselves reflect stubborn scientific facts.


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3 responses to “Creationism on the Left

  1. Liberals have succeeded before….by 1926, 37 States required Eugenics …and do not forget Prohibition !!!!
    They won we all lost….again?????? NO

  2. Anonymous

    O/T but I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on this little gem from the WaPo.

    Five years in residence, not a single mortgage payment ever made and nearly zero down. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in this story.