Oooh, this ought to whip up the base

Tom Friedman: Obama may be the most pro-Israeli president ever. I stopped reading Friedman years ago and have no intention of resuming but this headline, culled from Google News, caught my attention because the Messiah’s base: Occupy Mommy’s Backyard, Greenpeace and every college student in America is for the Palestinians and despises Israel. Not that I expect the mob to desert the fellow in the White House – if the continued operation of Gitmo and the targeted killing of Americans couldn’t shake them loose this certainly won’t. But it is amusing.


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15 responses to “Oooh, this ought to whip up the base

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Maybe someone should tell that to the Chair of the DNC?
    Your Pal,

  2. Sekuru

    The Bret Stephens article in the March 6th WSJ -“The Jewish President” is an interesting read.

  3. Green Mtn Punter

    Friedman is a disgrace. Drudge has the red light /siren flashing/wailing on top today announcing Breitbart’s long rumored “find” will be aired this evening on Fox News. Let’s hope they live long enough to do the show.

  4. 60% percent of our Town voted to not sell it to UN late 40’s
    40 % did
    Worlddwide referenxum to move UN to Jeruesalem could start here we have the creds.

  5. burningmadolf

    Gotta love watching presidents and candidates whore it up during AIPAC week. “no, I love Israel more” “no, I do” “you’re not willing to bomb Iran, I’d nuke em”

  6. Dollar Bill

    Public discourse on Israel has changed dramatically in the past few years. Time was, the slightest criticism of Israeli policy in the occupied territories, or the massive foreign aid this middle class country receives every year courtesy of the American taxpayer, would brand you as a vicious anti-Semite and a fiend devoted to the destruction of the Jewish state. Thankfully, that dog doesnt hunt any longer.

    Friedman is absolutely correct. Obama to a fault is Israel’s best friend, but he would be a better one if he showed the slightest bit of understanding that ending Israeli occupation, and calling for Palestinian self determination might bring some stability to the region. But he does get points for calling off the dogs of war, and not buckling under to AIPAC and Bibi.

  7. Anonymous

    Remember that old fraud Jimmy Carter? Got a Nobel for the “Camp David Peace Accords”.

    Funny thing, the “Accords” had been previously agreed to by Begin and Sadat. All they needed was for someone to sigh the annual checks.

    What is it with the Nobel and Dem frauds?

  8. “…ending Israeli occupation, and calling for Palestinian self determination might bring some stability … once they kill or remove every last Jew and Christian from the region.”

    Corrected for accuracy.

  9. Libertarian Advocate

    You’re sooo mean Greg! hehehehe….

  10. Peg

    Christopher – do you hire $$$ Bill for comic relief? If so – probably the best gig he’s had in a long time. “Obama to a fault is Israel’s best friend”…..

    With friends like Obama………. well; you know the rest of the line.

  11. Dollar Bill

    Let me see, Obama has kept the spigot flowing for billions and billions in economic and military aid to Israel; he vetoed the UN resolution calling for a Palestinian state, he has been silent on the ever expanding Jewish-only settlements, which international law and the rest of the world as illegal; he stands before AIPAC and is forced to grovel about there being no daylight between our two countries. Peg, if Obama is not being a friend, I’d love to know how you define friendship…

  12. Peg

    All I know is $$$ Bill just MAKES IT UP.

    Here’s an LA Times article that says President Obama “wants to see a stop to settlements.”

    Typical liberal. Ignore facts and fabricate. I suppose I’d have to do that, too, if I held the sorts of positions that they do.

  13. Dollar Bill

    Peg: That article you linked to is from 2009, and doesn’t reflect the fact that since then, the Israelis have been on a tear, paving over the West Bank and East Jerusalem to make way for their ethnic colonies, which they plan to hold onto in perpetuity. Nothing Obama has said since 2009 has prevented the rapid expansion of these illegal settlements, and no pressure has been brought to bear on our part to make the Israelis stop. You should read a little bit more on this topic before you accuse others of “making stuff up.” You don’t sound as if you’ve been following this issue very closely, isn’t that right?

  14. Peg

    Here you go, DB.

    I suspect, however, you want a news story from the last week. That’ll be harder to come by. As Obama worries more about getting enough Jewish votes – and donations – his tune of “Oh, how I love Israel” will ratchet up.

    Right after the first week in November, however, we’ll see him singing another song. Bet on it.