So, how’s that FAR been working?

Judge for yourself. This is Lockwood Road in Riverside, taken today. All new construction has been regulated by FAR and my, isn’t it nice that the original streetscape remains unchanged.


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10 responses to “So, how’s that FAR been working?

  1. Row Your Boat

    How nice with those ugly 1950 style houses..go FAR.

  2. Bunker

    Nice bunker. Will the FAR allow this in Greenwich?

  3. edgewater

    drive around and look at all the new houses w/o garages, with all the toys and lawn care tools and bikes out on the “driveway.” now that’s a real improvement in our streetscape.

  4. Cos Cobber

    CF, under the proposed grade plane regs, that little blue ranch house, which when rebuilt would be well served to have its lot height increased by 1-2ft so that its at the same height or higher than the road, would not be able to recognize their new grade plane when determing which is the first floor of the house and the overall height of the house (because the proposed regs will never recognize new fill). Therefore, the price of this lot will decline as it will have an unattactive quality to future buyers in that your ability to reposition the grade is encumbered.

    Of course, none of this addresses the real streetscape issue – VOLUME…but the P&Z doesnt seem to want to touch that…

  5. AJ

    When did they put a sidewalk on Lockwood? Wow, did that street change, at least from the photo. Looks more like Davis Ave. near Wilbur Peck, and all of those packed-in-tight, big houses look more like multi-family housing than high end homes. Way to go Greenwich. Lookin’ good.

  6. Riverside Brat

    I like the mcmansions to the right. The dingy old house on the left is a teardown. It reminds me of “grandma’s little cottage.” Guess what, grandma’s dead and her children want a bigger house!