Back in the news, it’s Tina Pray!


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I’ve never even heard of a Mr. Tareq Salahi but apparently he’s a fixture on TV gossip shows and Greenwich’s own Tina Pray has him. Or had him.

What no one knew at the time was that Tareq Salahi was apparently already in a steamy relationship with yet another blonde, a stunning and very wealthy woman from Greenwich, Conn., named Natasha Justina Pray. It’s a relationship, The Daily Beast has learned, that Salahi is now attempting to downplay for fear it will spoil his pending divorce proceeding as well as a $50 million defamation and conspiracy lawsuit against Schon and his estranged wife.

Natasha Justina Pray was born into a high-society family and is known around the tony town of Greenwich as a wild child of sorts. Today, Tina, as her friends call her, is a two-time divorcee and mother of two teens, who dedicates considerable time to charity and political causes. She is taut, tanned, beautiful, and an accomplished horsewoman and—are you ready for this?—she is one of the stars in an upcoming Bravo TV reality show called Miss Advised airing this fall. (It’s billed as a program that follows the private lives of three “relationship experts” to see whether they take their own advice.

“I met Tareq at a thank you dinner given by [state]  Senator Greg Ball in White Plains, New York,” Pray told The Daily Beast in a series of exclusive interviews. “I was a volunteer for the campaign so I was invited … and Tareq was there, too.” Pray, who claims she never watched the Salahis during their Real Housewives stint, says she casually mentioned to Salahi that she was working on a TV project with Bravo.

“After we began to talk he stayed by my side the entire evening,” she said.

That night, about a week before Thanksgiving, Salahi invited her to his hotel room for a nightcap. Pray demurred, but she says the relationship quickly turned intimate. Salahi returned to Virginia the next morning because, he told Pray, he had to fly from there to California for business. When that plan suddenly fell through, Pray said, he immediately turned around and returned to see her in Connecticut.

I guess I don’t get the Greenwich high life’s mores but it seems to me that the mother of two teenagers might be reticent about spewing her guts to the Daily Beast about screwing a married man – you never hear Tina’s father Malcolm talking about his indiscretions, not that I know whether he has anything to talk about in that regard.

Oh well, at least she’s laying off art theft, if not sex.


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19 responses to “Back in the news, it’s Tina Pray!

  1. Brown Eyed Girl

    Without commenting on Ms. Pray’s accomplishments, Chris, I will tell you that you DO know who Tareq Salahi is, if not by name. He and his tall trashy blonde wife were the infamous White House Gatecrashers at an Obama State Dinner a few years back. I guess their own Reality TV Show didn’t take off as planned, so he’s hitching his wagon to another “star”.

  2. Anon58

    Tina Pray is far from stunning.

  3. Anonymous

    HIgh society? When does being the daughter of a guy that runs a car lot vault you into this stratosphere? Greenwich must not be that exclusive. She is taut (marching powder), tanned (out of a can), beautiful (in a beaverhunt/cougar next door kind of way), and an accomplished horsewoman (especially with the baloney ponies). She looks like an old buffalo wing and anyone that is backing her new show is throwing money out the window. Nobody cares about some washed up cougar.

  4. Cobra

    I’m sure Malcolm is very proud.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    I checked out her pictures and she is not much to look at. And she has the crazy eyes, for sure. But I bet she goes down faster than Michael Jackson at an all boys grammar school. So she has that going for her!
    Plus it looks like she knows how to party!! How did she avoid going to jail? Her money keep her out? NTTAWWT!!
    Your Pal,

  6. Greenwich Gal

    I know too much…let’s just say she is of highly dubious character. But that is already known.

  7. It was his idea

    Forgive me, but lately she looks rode hard and put up wet.

  8. anon

    okay chris fountain. fountain.. i’m thinking of wells… go find a well and fall in it I’m sure no one would miss you.

  9. Anonymous

    Look. She is a great looking Cougar. How many cougars out in the bars today look as good as she does. You idiots would be so lucky to score a woman who looks as good as she does. So, she has messed around with some questonable characters. Why pick on her? OK, maybe she should get a boob job. However, she still has a great body.

  10. Bob

    She is a hot piece of ass! How can you possibly criticize her?

  11. CT

    Chris you propagate pernicious misguided lies. What a coward. I can assure you Tina Pray is a lovely woman. This is all sport for you. Go [nasty word here – Ed] yourself!

  12. Just sad

    @Brown Eyed Girl – You’ve got it bass-ackwards. Tina is hitching her wagon to his as he is a (small time)”producer” for Bravo and that is Tina’s link to stardom. No word yet on if the show will hit the airways.

    Tina’s had more body work than an old 57 Chevy. She claims poverty so I’m assuming that it was very expensive work done..

    Malcolm hasn’t had an indiscretion since forever and leave the mother out of this. She was a lovely woman who passed a few years ago.

    @Bob – Did you perform her butt lift?

  13. Brown Eyed Girl

    Hi Just Sad — of course, and really, my quotation marks around “star” were meant to convey that bit of sarcasm……they are both equally sad wannabees.

  14. In the know

    WORD is that Tina Pray WILL NOT be a hit TV star…but we all knew that.