I’d rather be governed by the first 100 names in the Boston phone book

NYT Editorial Board fixes the Constitution

William F. Buckley said (something like) that in response to a proposal that Harvard professors run the country. Now, attempting to do the Harvard prof’s one better, the editors of the New York Times dismiss the constitution of the United States as obsolete, failing to recognize and protect rights like the right to food, free MTV and cellphones while insisting on the right to own a gun.

Interesting to reflect that, if reelected, Obummer will have the opportunity to pack the Supreme Court with people who share his, and the New York Times’ views and make a new constitution unnecessary.


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7 responses to “I’d rather be governed by the first 100 names in the Boston phone book

  1. Peg

    Oh – and you forgot to add the right to have free birth control and have all your debt forgiven, once it becomes a teensy bit too tough to handle it.

    We oughta get Congress right on it, Christopher. Can’t wait for the new and improved 1,923 page document! As Nancy Pelosi would put it – we’ll know what’s in it when we read it. (Maybe.)

  2. Anonymous

    They are trying to shape the battle space for either, or possibly both of:
    – Imperial Obama’s next term of 4 years or more,
    – Civil War 2.

  3. AJ

    Seems like a major assault is being launched on the the constitution. Ceasar is crossing the Rubicon, and you know what happened when that happened.
    Coup D’etat: Pentagon & Obama Declare Congress Ceremonial:

    But on the bright side Jesus sez, let’s go smoke a bone. But what do you expect from a guy who turns water into wine.
    Pat Robertson: Pot should be legal like alcohol:

  4. Green Mtn Punter

    It’s as if Saul Alinksy’s hand is reaching out from the grave to direct these people. I recommend David Horowitz’s essay on Obama and Alinsky and you will have an idea of the M.O. that is now undermining the foundations of the USA. Like termites eating away and when the underpinnings are gone the whole thing collapses. Then the elites can create Heaven on Earth for the elites. Always the Communist goal. Plain to see, isn’t it?

  5. Balzac

    Yesterday the Greenwich Time carried an adoring piece about our Congressman Jim Himes, bemoaning the Republicans’ taking and passing his bill to eliminate the requirement that community banks register with the Securities and Exchange Commission once they surpass 500 shareholders. Let’s deconstruct the media narrative: When the Repubs and Dems can’t agree, it’s the Republicans’ fault for being partisan. When the two parties cooperate, the Republicans have “stolen” our Democrat congressman’s bill. Heads or tails, the media narrative is the Repubs are evil, stupid, etc. Are Neil Vigdor and the Greenwich Time even aware of their bias?

  6. HG

    Cheer up! If anyone wants to lay a wager that a European constitution (or South Africa’s!) will outlast ours, or sustain a continuous government that outlasts ours, I will be happy to collect from them 20, 50, 100 years from now.

  7. AJ

    Obama kills the fifth amendment — we don’t need no stinkin’ due process: