Okay, I’m leaving the Tina Pray arena

Thief in the night

Turns out that, when she’s not sending me furious emails and profane posts, she has a sense of humor. I do appreciate that. So no more (well, probably not much more) on this woman I’ve never met. Here’s a picture sent of herself “stealing” her own art. Funny.


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8 responses to “Okay, I’m leaving the Tina Pray arena

  1. Respect your decision

    While Tina Pray does have a sense of humor and a good one at that, she is really not newsworthy. She is a lost little girl who has been trying to find herself through drugs and liquor and that’s were her humor shines.

    If she could pick herself up and have a bit of confidence and not the entitlement that she so feels, then possibly she could make it in the world as she has it today. She cries poverty with a wealth of possessions that surround her. Little does she know that the friends that she has lost along the way held the most worth in her life.

  2. Anonymous

    All I do is quote my Mom-…Make sure your side of the street is clean, no one is perfect last I checked, Life is very short, we are all Gods children so, play nice.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Has she really been sending you hate mail? I thought I was the only one that did that!
    And if she really did send you that picture, I have new respect for the woman. It does show she has a great sense of humor. And that is really important. Because after you bang them, and they don’t turn into a pizza and a six pack, you actually have to TALK to them, right?
    So a sense of humor is important. So I take back all I said. Tell her to contact me if she wants to do the nasty.
    Your Pal,

    • Yeah she really did send that picture, for which I really admire her. Her previous missives are understandable because, really, we were a bit harsh on the lady. Of course, when you set yourself up by blabbing intimate details of your sex life to the Daily Beast, you’re kind of asking for it, no?

      But I don’t think she’s asking to meet you, Walt.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    So she has bad taste as well? Just kidding!!
    But I do admire and respect her sense of humor. Maybe you should take a lesson?
    Let’s take her to brunch to kiss and make up. You invite her. If she says yes, no need for you to show up. I can cover it. I will write her into the treatment. I have the perfect role for her!!
    Your Pal,

  5. Greenwich Gal

    So, CF – are you such an easy number that anybody who sends you a fuuny picture gets off the hot seat on your blog?

  6. AJ

    Here’s a new arena for ya. Your favorite lawyer is at it again: Gloria Allred seeks Rush Limbaugh prosecution

  7. Friend of Walt

    What a surprise – she can download — a photo, that is.