Still climbing and ground has yet to be broken

The Greenwich High School Performing Palace, originally sold as a $23 million project and then later as “only” $28 million is now estimated to cost $37 million. We need a poll!


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3 responses to “Still climbing and ground has yet to be broken

  1. greenwich dude

    cold comfort that i thought this would be a debacle BEFORE the environmental remediation

    we need a dictatorship here in town. committees seem to make everyone dumber. or, maybe only dumb people sign up to run town committees. either way, there’s a problem here.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Obaminate – Make it a cool Trillion!

  3. Finally, the truth starts to “leak out.” MISA is twelve feet below the water table, according to Joe Ross, Building Committee chairman. That water from the old peat bog under the back of the foundation is filled with PCB’s.

    The Federal Toxic Substances Control Act demands a full and complete cleanup. But once the drainage system is in place, a hydraulic gradient under the entire site will be created, so that toxic materials under the old swamp will drain to the building’s foundation.

    This is not a mere $10 million dollar issue. The Town now and forever owns this problem, with MISA or without.