Sure, especially if they’re from Massachusetts

Drop dead, Flatlander

Should Vermonters be allowed to kill themselves?


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2 responses to “Sure, especially if they’re from Massachusetts

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    This is a stupid question. It is as dumb as your earlier post comparing Darien dirt sales to Greenwich. Darien is a slum. Equal to the South Bronx or Bridgeport. If you buy a house there, you either live on the train tracks, I-95, the Merritt, or next to a plumber like Alex Kelly.
    Anyone who wants to kill themselves can. To think otherwise is foolish. A law is going to stop them? I think not. It is like outlawing farting. You can pass the law, but people who want to won’t stop doing it.
    Pull my finger, Dude!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Peg

    Walt – most of the time you nail it – but – your hammer missed today.

    Last year, I had a friend who died of a similar disease to Lou Gerhig’s. Near the end, she could move no parts of her body. She actually did want to die at that stage… but, she didn’t want any of those close to her to have to risk prison to achieve that end. Thus, she died a slow and awful death.

    I don’t care if you’re from Vermont or Alabama, Nevada or the center of the universe – Minnesota. If you have various safeguards in place and certain conditions met – yes, you should be able to get assistance to end it all.

    Until they pass the laws, though – I’ll just have to rely on Christopher coming to my aid!