While we’re on the subject of the Community Organizer

Here’s the chart he prepared:

Maybe he meant electric car sales?


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4 responses to “While we’re on the subject of the Community Organizer

  1. Daniel

    But you need to spend 200K to create each of those 40K jobs. If the government can’t spend the money,who will?

  2. Anonymous

    Colossal fail that they’ll brazen as a “great success”. Lies are all they got.

  3. Balzac

    If this chart were by a Republican (Bush?), we’d be reading articles about a colossal failure, articles about the idealogical causes of the failure, about the human costs of the failure, about the regional disadvantages suffered by the democratic-leaning states most affected by the failure, about the racist causes and consequences of the failure (with pictures), about the businesses which prospered despite the failure, and myriad other failure-related topics, all emphasizing that the failure is directly attributable to the Republican chief executive. But since this is a Democrat presidential failure, we won’t be reading such things……. our media is busted, example # 2,648,546.

  4. C. Aveman

    Our media is embarrassing. It was so much better before every newsreader was some strumpet whose main mission is to add a celebrity angle to every story. It is really nauseating. Plus, any network that employs Piers Morgan has to suck big time. Am i right? You know it!