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In turn-about, Democrats will introduce Creationism into nation’s school’s curriculums

She denied the sacred text of Gore

Citing a need to restore faith-based “knowledge” in the minds of school children, Democrats and their NEA allies are promoting the force feeding of the “Global warming” myth.

The battle over climate change is reminiscent of the debate over evolution, which first began decades ago, in which parents and outside groups, usually coming from a Christian perspective, object to teaching Darwin’s theory as scientific fact.

It’s exactly the same argument only this time it’s the fuzzies who insist that little mush heads be indoctrinated on faith. Funny how that works.


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Too rich

Smarmy rich bastard one percenter

Alan Grayson, former Congressman (the Republican’s idea of health care is to let old people die”) tossed out of office but now running again, and a huge supporter of the occupy Wall Street swarm. What’s he up to these days? Well yesterday he ran down somne of the beloved 99%ers in his Mercedes while rushing to a democrat fundraiser attended by his peers, 1%ers all, and a chance to meet that ultimate fat cat, Robert Kennedy Jr.

There’s a disconnect in the Left, something that blinds them to their own hypocrisy, so that Hanoi Jane can demand the curtailing of free speech and a guy like Grayson can drive (badly) a Mercedes that no one the occupiers claim to represent could ever afford, all while crowding together, paying $1,000 each to hear the mewling of the ultimate symbol of the privileged class.

And no, Dollar Bill, your usual response “so’s your mother” just won’t cut it – what is it you guys can’t understand about your leaders?


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FWIW: ahead of the (Daily) News

Ruth Madoff waits for Dunkin Donuts' dumpsters to open

The tabloids have discovered what we all knew a month ago: Ruth Madoff’s back and Old Greenwich has got her. You’d think Walt would let her use one of the guest rooms up at 175 Round Hill Road, seeing as it was her husband’s crimes that paid for it, but no – she’s at her son’s house on Tomac, at the corner of Kearnan Lane.


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