Greenwich Time: we will print no news before it’s stale (and even then, we’ll rely on New York reporters to dredge up the story)

Six weeks after readers of FWIW reported that Ruth Madoff was in town and  living on Tomac Avenue, the Greenwich Time has figured it out, by reading yesterday’s New York Daily News. I certainly understand why no self-respecting GT reporter would even scan this blog – it’s a fireable offense (as I can attest), given their paper’s complete dependence on real estate advertising – but if they have to rely on a New York tabloid for local news, couldn’t one of the more enterprising young pups at least make his way from Riverside to Old Greenwich and interview Ruthie for himself? If they went in the morning they could still make it back in time to cover the important stuff, like boys basketball.


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10 responses to “Greenwich Time: we will print no news before it’s stale (and even then, we’ll rely on New York reporters to dredge up the story)

  1. Anonymous

    Do they actually employ reporters? Can someone please stick a fork in this rag.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    If they do employ reporters, they’ve got no budget for transportation expenses. Editor to cub-reporter: “Take the damn bus!”

  3. Cos Cobber

    its a rag only useful for obits, selective police blotter, planning and zoning news and school board news (although the reporting of p&z and school issues can be spotty too).

    the metter story, heidi walker story and thin coverage of the plight of ymca are just three examples. particuarly with the ymca, a highly visible institution about to be foreclosed upon, and yet the coverage on the situation is not even remotely investigative and thoughtful.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    They are so LAME! Is there anything worse? Oh yeah, that Moffly rag GREENWICH magazine.

  5. Chimney

    Time to cover important stuff, like bedbugs and what the gov. had for breakfast.

  6. Anonymous

    Woops, middle aged dude jacked up on Oxycontin….

    Isn’t that stuff for teenage kids of f’d up parents?

    • What it really illustrates, sadly, is that Oxy addition (it’s basically expensive heroin, which is why so many kids have switched to heroin) is a horric problem for anyone who’s hooked, regardless of age. This guy was already on accelerated rehabilitation and was supposed to stay clen for a year. he couldn’t make it past November. The article makes much of the fact that he owns the most expensive house in Fairfield (on which he isn’t paying his taxes, so probably money problems add to his woes) but the real lesson is that addition hits all socio-economic strata, from the wealthiest to the homeless. Sad story.

  7. Bob

    When is GT going to lower its damned advertizing rates? In the age of the Internet, they are still way out there on pricing. Lower rates would get them much more broker advertizing. BTW, do Friday’s big picture ads actually sell the advertized properties? I think we all know the answer to that one. They do nothing but promote the listing office. Thank you.

  8. Chris, I thought you should know that today’s issue of the local rag put me over the top, and I sat down and blogged about their sins. You can read it by clicking on my name to get to the blog.

  9. Anonymous

    then start your own paper. go sell ads. try to get subscribers. get it into retail newsstands. good luck.

    i bet the paper is basically broke, and is the print equivalent of business insider (often cited here), which re-hashes stores done by other people.

    news as a biz model is an f’d up proposition.