Oh please

Would I lie to you?

A reader, almost certainly another real estate agent, takes me to task in a comment below for not comparing “apples to apples” when discussing real estate activity. The weather has warmed up, he/she points out, so of course the buyers are active. I should look at comparable spring seasons and report on those.

Okay, I will. Contracts lag behind accepted offers but we can at least check those contract numbers and see how we’re doing.

Contracts for period 3/01/2006 – 3/12/2006: 34

Contracts for period 3/01/2012 – 3/12/2012:  02


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6 responses to “Oh please

  1. The New Normal

    Those stats show that the market is still on it’s a** and not really improving….my point initially

  2. Anon

    May be she/he wants you to bias the data. A little bit of bias never hurts in selling real estate.

  3. Anon

    Chris, here is how you can bias this data: First don’t mention the peak time of 2006 (always be optimistic). Then look for the most recent two weeks with only one contract, for example back in August 2011. This way you can say that we have had 100% increase in number of contracts (from 1 to 2) in the last 6 months.

    It works all the time real estate sales, especially in Greenwich.

  4. Anonymous

    Squeezing 10lbs of sh** into a 5lbs bag doesn’t make it smell any less….just covers some of the mess. hmmm sounds like the mortgage and banking situation.

  5. Anonymous

    Does this data confirm that the market has stabilized?