Slow day

Not much going on – I mentioned 63 Maple, a foreclosed spec house once listed at $5 million plus and last asking $3.999, has an accepted offer. My guess? Under $3.5, which wouldn’t be a terrible price.

23 Tomac in Old Greenwich, asking $2.6, has an A/O. If memory serves, owners paid around $2.1 for it in 2006 and put a lot of money into renovations. Still, seems as though they’ll make out.

A new listing at 37 Perryridge Road near the hospital is a renovation and asks $3.395. With the exception of Number 7  Perryridge, which sold for $2.150 million in 2007, nothing on Perryridge has ever broken the $2 million barrier. This one might, I suppose, because it sounds nice and Perryridge is a convenient to the hospital. Do doctors still make enough to afford $3 million homes? Guess we’ll see.


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10 responses to “Slow day

  1. Anonymous

    Chris- 37 Perry Ridge, check your data, I looked at this house (when it was on the mkt)and I’m pretty sure it went for $1.1mm or $1m.

  2. Anon

    37 Perryridge went for $1 mil last April. $3.395 is crazy considering it’s a) a corner lot with no privacy and b) it’s all house now with no yard. Sounds like this will be on the rental market soon!

    Speaking of Perryridge, what ever happened to #18, that big spec house that started at over $4.6 mil? Did that get foreclosed on? Just looked at Zillow and it lists it as selling last July for $1. Then it went back on the market (assuming by a bank) and then pulled again. What happened there?

    • I thought it never sold, Anon, and assumed it went to rental, but the $1 sale does mean, as you suggest, that it’s now bank owned. Oops – another speculator hits the dirt.

  3. Shoeless

    Was Maple a modular? I could not imagine a stick built having those long, narrower rooms by design.

  4. Island Surveyor

    What? 18 Perryridge has escaped your recollection so soon.

    • Wasn’t 18 Perryridge the new construction that never sold? certainly no substantial sale shows up in the MLS records. Could have been a private sale, I suppose.

  5. Island Surveyor

    You previously had lots to say about the $4m+ asking at #18

  6. Anon

    I too looked at this when it was on the market last spring. It needed everything, but everything + brokers commission does not equal $2.3MM over purchase especially in today’s market. This would be lucky to get $2.1MM due to small lot, corner, and that hideous flat roofed addition.