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So just hire arabs


Fleeing Mr. Whipple

New Jersey state office buildings to shut down due to toilet paper shortage.


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Cheap politics from the First Selectman’s office

Oh, I KNOW he stole my strawberries

Bob Horton’s weekly column in the Greenwich Time is not only the only thing worth reading in that rag, it’s informative and extremely well written (why not? Unlike me, and certainly his colleagues at that paper, he’s a professional). In Friday’s column, posted on line days after publication for reasons known best to the editors, he reveals the petty shenanigans Peter Tesei is playing with our Harbor Master, ranging from refusing to give him an office, hiding the keys to the town boat and so forth.

Why is Tesei doing his best to prevent the Harbor Master from doing his job? Because, boo hoo, Peter wanted someone else for the position and that mean ol’ Frankie Fudrucker persuaded the Democrat Governor to appoint someone else. The Harbor Master has a range of responsibilities, all detailed in Horton’s column, but keeping track of and assigning moorings is an important one. Tesei has made it impossible to do that, presumably so that he can come back a few years from now and complain that Governor Malloy’s appointment isn’t up to the job. I have no dog in this fight – I own a kayak and sail only OPBs (that would be, “Other People’s Boats”, the most affordable way to sail). But I know from moorings, I know what a lousy harbor master we had before and I know what the current one, Ian Macmillan is capable of doing. That Tesei can find time to screw around with a $600 a year position just from spite speaks poorly of the man.

Macmillan sympathizes with vendors and contractors who are confused by seemingly conflicting information and duplicative regulations.

“A big part of my job is communication. In fact, the town website directs people to my office if they have any questions about moorings. Only one problem, the town won’t give me an office, so I’m working from my cellphone,” Macmillan said.

“The town will not give me any of the tools I need. I inherited a broken system and no one seems interested in fixing it,” the harbor master added.

“When I met with (First Selectman) Peter Tesei, he said I could have an office. Then I went to (Town Administrator) John Crary, who only laughed. He said there was no space.”

Requests for comments from Tesei and Crary went unanswered.

“The town wants me involved in its mooring application process. It even lists me on the application. How am I supposed to access that system and keep track of everything without an office?”

The town also inexplicably dragged its feet giving Macmillan the keys to the harbor master’s boat, a small Boston Whaler that had been used for several years by the previous harbor master. The irony here is that one of the major criticisms levied by Tesei against the previous harbor master was that he did not spend enough time on the water.

“I asked for weeks and weeks to get the boat. Finally I get the keys, and the battery is dead, the bottom is filthy, and some key safety equipment was missing,” Macmillan said.


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It’s rumored to be busy but you wouldn’t know it from MLS postings

Nothing of note in the accepted offer field and no sale prices reported. We do have “returned to market” items, two, a Putnam Park co-op at $239,000 and a tear down on Hillside near the high school, were previously reported as accepted offers. We’re seeing a lot of those these days – buyers get cold feet, don’t like the inspection results or can’t obtain financing. The third return is a house that was pulled from the market some months ago and is back today. I thought it grossly overpriced when it first came up for sale last May but the sellers haven’t dropped its price in the past ten months so I guess they disagree. Good luck with that.


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Back from (two) open houses

Interesting scuttlebutt learned from talking to fellow agents, which is a prime reason to attend these affairs: building inspectors are busy and in fact booked up, unavailable until the middle of next week. In slow times, some of these guys have been there within 24 hours at worst and often on just a few hours notice. Inspections arise from accepted offers so look for more of them to be reported soon. Turns out, many agents/owners are reluctant to report an accepted offer because it kills showings and if the offer never matures into a contract, the owner’s been off the market for three weeks or so and has missed a big chunk of the spring market.

Under the rules of the MLS,  A/Os are supposed to be reported immediately but I don’t blame anyone for disregarding that – the rule may make things more convenient for buyers and their agents (that would be me) but is harmful to the seller. My vote goes to the seller, in this instance.

By the way, that renovation on Perryridge, discussed here yesterday, is very nice. Not much of a yard but this is essentially an in-town property, so you shouldn’t expect a big yard. Nice work. I am not at all more favorably inclined towards its price of $3.295 since seeing it but at the right price: $2.45? $2.675? it would be a nice buy.


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How bad is the market?

(Not) Brad Hvolbeck

This bad: nothing of note, again, on Tuesday’s broker open house tour. I understand that this is part of the two-week rich kids private school vacation (two weeks, so they can ski in Colorado one week and hit the beaches of the Caribbean the next) but still, nothing? It’s either Obummer and Chu’s $15 gas prices or the unwillingness of home owners to expose their houses to current market conditions or both. Or all the agents are themselves busy skiing and sunning with those kids – lots of agents working as au pairs these days.


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Probably shoulda used pepper spray

Go to school!

Cop Tasers 9-year-old truant. Twice. Nine years or not, the little monster is 5’8″ , weighs 250 lbs, and wouldn’t obey a lawful order. Cops love this s**t. Me, I just find it amusing.


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Infinity, definition of

What to do?

They’ve installed a 4-way stop in Cos Cob


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Try this in Greenwich as cellphone tower replacement? It’d be fun to watch

Homeless folks recruited to serve as Wi-Fi “hot spots”. Promoters of cellphone antennas in Greenwich might want to precede their pitch by dumping busloads of bums  in the area a week or two before. I predict their reception would be much improved.


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