Back from (two) open houses

Interesting scuttlebutt learned from talking to fellow agents, which is a prime reason to attend these affairs: building inspectors are busy and in fact booked up, unavailable until the middle of next week. In slow times, some of these guys have been there within 24 hours at worst and often on just a few hours notice. Inspections arise from accepted offers so look for more of them to be reported soon. Turns out, many agents/owners are reluctant to report an accepted offer because it kills showings and if the offer never matures into a contract, the owner’s been off the market for three weeks or so and has missed a big chunk of the spring market.

Under the rules of the MLS,  A/Os are supposed to be reported immediately but I don’t blame anyone for disregarding that – the rule may make things more convenient for buyers and their agents (that would be me) but is harmful to the seller. My vote goes to the seller, in this instance.

By the way, that renovation on Perryridge, discussed here yesterday, is very nice. Not much of a yard but this is essentially an in-town property, so you shouldn’t expect a big yard. Nice work. I am not at all more favorably inclined towards its price of $3.295 since seeing it but at the right price: $2.45? $2.675? it would be a nice buy.


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7 responses to “Back from (two) open houses

  1. Anon

    Chris- Can you please attach the listing at 37 Perryridge so we can see the pics? Thanks!

    • There were no pictures posted yesterday – new listing, and no doubt the broker was scared of incurring EOS’s wrath by putting up quicky iPhone pics. If they go up today (and they may well be already posted, I haven’t had time to check) I’ll get them for you.

  2. Bob

    Over-pricing in real estate brokerage is rampant, as you know, and is the result of brokers “buying the listing.” It also stems from complete, total, and utter broker ignorance about how to exactly evaluate a piece of real estate. Sorry gals. By “utter,” I am in no way referring to the actual “udders” (sic) on some of the guilty individuals out there.

  3. Anonymous

    Totally ridiculous price…over by at least a million….my guess, it sells for under what you say.

  4. anonymous

    The in town buyer is a different breed of cat, willing to pay more to walk to town and schools than say the same house in Burning Tree.

  5. Anonymous

    I think it will sell for around $2,550,000

  6. Cos Cobber

    I think a rising stock market certainly helps real estate…but only to solidify the bottom and perhaps help new construction for select product and markets. I dont believe a rising stock market will actually cause meaningful RE appreciation (ie more than a 10% increase over the 2011 prices which are down 30% from the 2008 highwater mark)…only a firming up of the bottom.