Cheap politics from the First Selectman’s office

Oh, I KNOW he stole my strawberries

Bob Horton’s weekly column in the Greenwich Time is not only the only thing worth reading in that rag, it’s informative and extremely well written (why not? Unlike me, and certainly his colleagues at that paper, he’s a professional). In Friday’s column, posted on line days after publication for reasons known best to the editors, he reveals the petty shenanigans Peter Tesei is playing with our Harbor Master, ranging from refusing to give him an office, hiding the keys to the town boat and so forth.

Why is Tesei doing his best to prevent the Harbor Master from doing his job? Because, boo hoo, Peter wanted someone else for the position and that mean ol’ Frankie Fudrucker persuaded the Democrat Governor to appoint someone else. The Harbor Master has a range of responsibilities, all detailed in Horton’s column, but keeping track of and assigning moorings is an important one. Tesei has made it impossible to do that, presumably so that he can come back a few years from now and complain that Governor Malloy’s appointment isn’t up to the job. I have no dog in this fight – I own a kayak and sail only OPBs (that would be, “Other People’s Boats”, the most affordable way to sail). But I know from moorings, I know what a lousy harbor master we had before and I know what the current one, Ian Macmillan is capable of doing. That Tesei can find time to screw around with a $600 a year position just from spite speaks poorly of the man.

Macmillan sympathizes with vendors and contractors who are confused by seemingly conflicting information and duplicative regulations.

“A big part of my job is communication. In fact, the town website directs people to my office if they have any questions about moorings. Only one problem, the town won’t give me an office, so I’m working from my cellphone,” Macmillan said.

“The town will not give me any of the tools I need. I inherited a broken system and no one seems interested in fixing it,” the harbor master added.

“When I met with (First Selectman) Peter Tesei, he said I could have an office. Then I went to (Town Administrator) John Crary, who only laughed. He said there was no space.”

Requests for comments from Tesei and Crary went unanswered.

“The town wants me involved in its mooring application process. It even lists me on the application. How am I supposed to access that system and keep track of everything without an office?”

The town also inexplicably dragged its feet giving Macmillan the keys to the harbor master’s boat, a small Boston Whaler that had been used for several years by the previous harbor master. The irony here is that one of the major criticisms levied by Tesei against the previous harbor master was that he did not spend enough time on the water.

“I asked for weeks and weeks to get the boat. Finally I get the keys, and the battery is dead, the bottom is filthy, and some key safety equipment was missing,” Macmillan said.


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13 responses to “Cheap politics from the First Selectman’s office

  1. Cobra

    I met Macmillan at the Greenwich Stop ‘n Shop a couple of Saturday or Sunday evenings ago and he seems like a nice guy. He told me of a couple of the projects he’s undertaking in Cos Cob Harbor that sounded like damn good ideas. Wish he’d get a break from the Town so he could do his job, which he seems quite eager to do.

  2. Anonymous

    …and Frankie pulled a lot of strings and favors to get Ian selected to that $600/year post. There are no clean hands here, at least as I see it.

    If the former harbor master had an office why can’t couldn’t that be given to the new harbor master? If there is no room then the town should set him up with a laptop and secure connection to the town’s infrastructure.

    • I was pretty much there when this went down and there wasn’t much string pulling. Ian wanted the position (I told him he should have his head examined), he clearly knows sailing, sail boats and power boats, and so Frank made the recommendation. Beginning and end, no cash exchanged (well very little – hard to come up with a suitable bribe for a job that pays $600 a year). Funny but true, I overheard Fudrucker telling him that his political party affiliation was irrelevant which was lucky for the future Harbor Master because, he said, he thought the last time he’d voted he’d voted for Tesei and not Frankie.

  3. Dollar Bill

    Horton is a gem, and I’m sure this piece will get under Tesei’s skin, as it should,. Hopefully, it will sufficiently embarrass him to let this guy do his job. Tesei’s antics remind me of Capitol Hill Republicans who would rather torpedo the economy than allow the President to rescue it, since they stand to benefit from any failures brought about by their own obstructionism.Tesei is pursuing a similar, cynical strategy.

  4. anonymous

    Too bad the guy isn’t named Gianni Mamillinano. He’d be in like Flynn, or Flinno, or whatever.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    So did you see this list of the skinniest Cities in America? It lists Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk Ct. number 2!!
    I am not sure if you consider this a good thing. You chubby lover. And was Greenwich excluded because we are a bunch of lard asses? Bridgeport people probably can’t afford to eat, and there are a lot of crack hoe’s in that number, for sure. They are skinny as rails, with no teeth, so they got a boost from that. So that doesn’t seem fair.
    But Stamford and Norwalk? What is up with that? Do they have large Jap communities which bring the numbers down? I think not. Stamford has more pizza parlors than any place I know, so they don’t seem to be eating all that well. Burning calories at Beamers? Maybe.
    So does this mean Greenwich is a town of out of shape fat slobs? Is Cos Cob dragging us up? That would be a first!!
    Did they include Raj in our numbers? That’s good for an extra ten Lbs. per capita. Do some digging and report back. You have a vested interest in this. No one wants to live next to a bunch of big fat porkers.
    You sell curb appeal, you load.
    Your Pal,

    • I don’t know, Walt, the so-called MILTOFs I see escorting their precious little children (14-years-old is still “little”, right?) all seem to be whippet thin, Lycra encased anorexics to me and just as appealing as those scrawny crack hos Dollar bill patronizes up in Bridgeport (well, DB seems to patronize everybody, but you know what I mean). So where are these chubbies that would give me one in return? I can’t find them but then, I don’t ever go near Cos Cob.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Ever since Jimmy Arcuri added stinger peppers to his pizza, we’ve been getting our green veggies in Cos Cob and doing our part to be fit and trim. The advent of Coors Light has helped too.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    Chris: Visit Waziristan, I’ll show you around. Much more exciting than O.G. or C.C. and we do have Beamers.

  8. Peter is the victim of a flurry of bad advice.
    We all are.
    Ian is beyond qualified.
    He will do a great job if we all who have hulls in the tragic game that has been played since before Peter was born help both of them.
    Put simply: DREDGE BABY DREDGE.
    End the idiocy that passes the PC test with green flying colors.
    From our Town’s Northern Boundary to the Southern one that is not even shown on 90% of our Town paid for maps we are going to get our act together.
    Bob represents all of us, we are lucky to have him NOW.

  9. Really?

    From the GT:
    So it came as quite a shock to Republican First Selectman Peter Tesei when Macmillan showed up at Tesei’s Town Hall office Thursday with a letter from the governor saying that he had been appointed harbor master for a three-year term.

    “In all candor, politics had unfortunately gotten in the way of this issue,” Tesei said publicly at Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Selectmen.

    Macmillan told Greenwich Time that he was approached about six weeks ago by Frank Farricker, chairman of the Democratic Town Committee, to see if he would still be interested in the post.

    A two-time candidate for harbor master, Macmillan said he can see how some might view his appointment as being political.

    “Yes and no. It’s kind of obvious on the face of it that there’s some politics involved,” Macmillan said.

    Selectman Drew Marzullo, the lone Democrat on the current Board of Selectmen, said McDonald apprised him Wednesday night of the choice of Macmillan over Fox. Tesei found out when Ian showed up at his office…

    Farricker bristled at allegations of politicking, saying that Tesei’s administration only had itself to blame for the snub.

    “When they originally decided that they wanted Fox, they didn’t consult with the governor,” Farricker said. “They didn’t have a conversation with the governor’s office. They merely arrogantly said, `Do this.'”

    Farricker went on to call the search process and recommendation of Fox into question.

    I have no bone to pick with Ian, but it’s one sided to claim that only the Republicans were playing politics with this very minor appointment. Frankie set out to tweak Tesei and with the disgruntled governor on his “team”, he did just that.

    I still want to know if the old harbor master had an office at city hall.

  10. Really ?
    “very minor appointment”…..
    I guess you are right it is all about politics.
    This should be one of the most important appointments.
    But politics has reduced it to somehwere below may expensive monronic Politically Korrrekt positions.
    Move inland Really or know we are a Coastal Community and help stop the idiocy on Field Point Road.
    Get the Point ?