Probably shoulda used pepper spray

Go to school!

Cop Tasers 9-year-old truant. Twice. Nine years or not, the little monster is 5’8″ , weighs 250 lbs, and wouldn’t obey a lawful order. Cops love this s**t. Me, I just find it amusing.


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9 responses to “Probably shoulda used pepper spray

  1. InfoDiva

    I don’t care if the kid were 6’6″ and 300 lbs. He was nine, unarmed, and his only offense when the cop arrived was truancy. He wasn’t an imminent threat to himself or anyone else.

    Years ago, my early-adolescent daughter ran away from home. The cops found her sobbing in the woods a few streets away, uncooperative and unwilling to go with them. Thankfully, the Greenwich cops had a youth officer who came to the scene and talked to that girl for almost an hour before she finally agreed to go with her.

    But you’re right, I guess a taser or pepper spray would have been quicker.

  2. Dollar Bill

    How “amusing” would it have been if it were you or a member of your family on the receiving end? You Teabaggers have a very sick sense of humor, but like I’ve said it’s in your DNA.

    Tasing is completely out of control in this country, and there’s nothing funny about it. Awfully funny to see Teabaggers of all people cheering on citizens to immediately comply with government authorities ON COMMAND, lest they be tased. Including 9 year olds!

    Well, at least we know we’re free!

  3. CF: Liberals seem to lack any enjoyment of life but do relish their opportunity to celebrate the death of folks like Andrew Breitbart. Pitiful folks they are.

  4. Anonymous

    rock salt and bacon fat, instead?

  5. Dollar Bill

    I get a good laugh at Teabaggers pretensions to being the defenders of freedom and small government– even as they cheer on big government’s spying on innocent Muslims, it’s Tasing of innocent civilians, its endorsement of vaginal probes for women seeking to exercise their constitutional rights. It’s hilarious to me that any intelligent, morally aware person could possibly endorse such positions.

    What I don’t find hilarious is gratuitous cruelty, (9 year olds getting tasered. Who couldn’t laugh at that?) , but that seems to be woven into the fabric of your twisted Randian ideology.

    • That’s what I thought, you poor, humerless dweeb. Bet you were beaten up in school every day, eh? Is that your problem?
      And by the way, you do realize, don’t you, that your constant reference to “teabaggers” exposes your deep-seated hatred of hoosexuals? You, sir think that homosexuality is a bad thing and that using a homsexual act to describe those who disagree with you will somehow hurt us. But we smart guys say, NTTAWWT! and are happier for it.

      In addition to a whoopie cushion, you need intensive psychiatric counseling. That will be covered under ObummerKare, won’t it?

  6. Cobra

    Judging from the noxious emissions that spew from Sphincter Bill’s maw, he is a whoopee cushion.