A reporter’s responsibilities

I demand a job at Goldman Sachs!

Does the Hartford  Courant owe its readers a duty to check the back story of people it quotes? I’m thinking, of course, of the bit of dirt I dug up today on a Mr. Edward Culligan, who the Courant merely identifies as  “one of the protesters” before proceeding to give him a paragraph of fame. It took less than a minute for me to Google the guy and discover that he’s a convicted child molester, living across the street from the New Haven Green. The Courant could have done the same thing and, had they added that bit of color it would have provided readers with a better insight into who some of these demonstrators are and what their goals are.

So far, the press has treated the Occupy group as representative of some amorphous class of deserving poor folk, yet every time you dig into their individual stories you find rapists, drug addicts, drunks and unemployable college graduates with degrees in Women’s Studies. I suspect the press has done the same investigation I’ve done and came up with the same results and hence its silence.


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3 responses to “A reporter’s responsibilities

  1. Inagua

    Speaking of reporter’s responsibilities, kudos to the NY Post for this great picture of Ruth bringing in her paper and garbage can.


  2. Renee

    Yes please

    i have been saying this for months every time I see Roger Card on front page of New Haven Register, WTNH,CBS news and Hartford Current ect which every word is an out rite lie. I thought reporters are supposed to fact check and check sources. This man has been convicted of violent crimes, larcenies, and awaiting trail and arrest warrants for more violent crimes who is 36 able bodied hasn’t filed a tax return or W2 in at least 6 years who has been homeless for ten years .Can anyone tell me where common cents, professional and moral integrity has gone.

  3. Renee

    You want other occupy campers crim history go to CT Judaical and put in the names Katie Carbo Ken Manteau Tony Rivera Justin Sabatino. Roger Card but you would have to search many states FL,MA,RI and CT Just to name a couple