Silly, but pretty accurate

Our local rag has a 33-picture essay entitled “You Know You’re From Greenwich If …” Against my better judgement I started clicking through and with just a few exceptions  – I don’t own a jet, and was thrown out of prep school before they could establish a rowing team – it’s close to spot on. Drinking in Port Chester at 15? Check. Shuffleboard at Bruce Park bar and Grill? Check, or at least I think so – usually stopped off there after Port Chester so who can really say? Look both ways when crossing the Avenue?Only occasionally now, but I did for years after it went one-way. Know Baba Booey (who is not from Greenwich)? We’ve emailed each other (he’s a reader!).

I do believe the jet ownership, the “popped collars”, whatever they are and a couple of other categories reflect “new” Greenwich, not “old”, and they left out, “had sex with Tina Pray” but it’s otherwise fairly complete and offers a harmless, fun little romp. Get out your seersucker and give it a try.


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12 responses to “Silly, but pretty accurate

  1. Which ignominious prep school, CF? I left Tabor for GHS after my sophomore year.

  2. cos cobber

    when rolling into greenwich; you always have to pop your collar – “collars up!”


  3. Another Reader

    Speaking of the Greenwich time Web site, there is a story about the Greenwich High School swim team losing its “twenty-year steak”. Wow, that steak must really be moldy.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    So let me make sure I have this straight. You know Baba Booey is a reader of your blog, because he emailed and told you so. Really? REALLY!!
    Well that means Baba Booey is HIRAM!!! Well that surprises me. I haven’t listened to Howard in years, ever since he went to satellite. But from what I recall, Baba Booey was a nice enough guy with a good sense of humor. So what turned him into a snippy, proof and post troll?
    Is he like that in real life now? That would be sad. OR is it something about this blog (i.e. YOU!!) that makes him turn into an obnoxious, pompous little twit? I vote for the latter. What do you think?
    Ask him why he goes by Chief Ballbag and all those other moronic names! And does he mind that you outed him?
    Your Pal,

  5. A Reader

    $34 . . . your eyes mist over when the Clam Box is mentioned.

  6. Raised in Riverside

    That list was nauseating, and perfectly exemplifies why so many outsiders have the wrong idea about Greenwich. We don’t all sail, we don’t all “summer,” we don’t all attend polo matches and we didn’t all go to boarding school. It’s making us out to be the mecca for douchebags.

  7. Anonymous

    You wanted popped collars? 😆

    Not exactly safe for work but the worst of the lyrics were removed. It’s a parody of an actual gangster rap song if you’re not familiar…

  8. G W Chase

    Remember “The Sports Shop”; “Ham and Eggery” or Capt. Quick at Grass Island?

  9. How about Wetson’s, Greenwich Drug Store (loved the milkshakes), the REAL Greenwich Hardware, the bowling alley, Morgan’s, Griffin, DW Rogers (with the pneumatic tubing for your change), the pet store, and the Food Mart on the Ave… or even later, the mall in the current CVS–still can’t imagine it–seemed so big at the time…