I TOLD Fudrucker we should do this!

Next month, Halstead's "Top Rental Deal" winner!

Halstead Properties has declared Chris Finlay, sole Halstead peddler in Greenwich, its “Greenwich Realtor of the Year” (press release printed, but not posted, in the Greenwich Post). When Frankie and I started our two-person band a couple of years ago I proposed that each month we award each other “Chairman’s Awards”, “Salesman of the Month”, “Best Customer Service Agent” and all sorts of cool things like that. I figured the great unwashed wouldn’t know that it was just the two of us swapping such prestigious titles and it would drive our peers in the business absolutely nuts. Frank, you missed your chance and now Halstead and Finlay have taken it.


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2 responses to “I TOLD Fudrucker we should do this!

  1. Cos Cobber

    10,000 real jobs for western PA…whoops, they arent energy jobs so, no photo ops for Dems available here.


    turns out, lower energy costs creates jobs, maybe more jobs, than the high energy – green job vision from the white house. the American plastics industry has a new life and perhaps, is poised to regain leadership and become an export business.

  2. CC, I know you meant GREEN jobs subsidized by taxpayer greenbacks – doomed to be short-lived, another failed centrally-planned, quasi-economic exercise in futility.