Sales price reported, and an accepted offer

30 Crescent Rd

30 Crescent Road, that bank owned property in Riverside, actually generated a small bidding war and sold for $1.339 on an asking price of $1.299. Former owner engaged in a bidding war himself back in 2004 when he paid $1.760 on an asking price of $1.675 million.

Little House on the Prairie

In the Accepted Offer department, there is supposedly one on a condo unit at 44 Sound View Drive, that development on the hill leading up to Town Hall. Anything’s possible and this unit was marked down to $1.995 from $2.975 but I wouldn’t necessarily believe it’s real. I was there at a public open house a couple of weeks ago and noticed that the developer shows 8 “sold” units and two “under contract” when those two contracts are three years old and will never be acted on and of the eight units sold, two were legitimate sales while the other six were, so far as I can tell, sold to the developer himself to satisfy the terms of his construction loan. This place is almost abandoned – certainly phase two will not be built in my lifetime – and I can’t imagine why anyone would be the third sucker in. Little House on the Prairie living is fine in butt-f Iowa (or wherever that was) but there’s not much demand for it in Greenwich.

Still, it’s been reported as a legitimate transaction and since realtors never engage in duplicitous behavior, we must assume that the developer has found a buyer. Good for him.


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5 responses to “Sales price reported, and an accepted offer

  1. Cos Cobber

    CF…I thought you were too pessimistic on Crescent Road back on 1/9/12…I predicted 1.175MM then and turns out I was too light as well. Its not that bad of a house…good curb appeal for that price point in Riverside.

  2. anonymous

    The new Soundview condo deal is for real

  3. G W Chase

    Were the principals in the Soundview condos “related” to the recent winner of the big lottery prize?

  4. Cos cobber

    Correct GW.