Easy to see why Fudrucker appointed Ian MacMillan Greenwich Harbormaster

Triumph of the Harbor Master

MacMillan is driving Peter Tesei insane. Oh the joy for the Demmerkrat’s past candidate for First Selectman. One simple call to his pal the Governor, Tesei’s own harbor master pick is jettisoned and Fudrucker’s comes aboard, all to the utter discombobulation of angry Peter. Talk about bang for your buck.


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2 responses to “Easy to see why Fudrucker appointed Ian MacMillan Greenwich Harbormaster

  1. Ian is a grave threat to Tesei’s “experts”.
    Soon Peter & David will understand that he knows what he is talking about.
    And he is not alone.
    Peter and the Town will win.

  2. Anonymous

    The GT article mentions the issue of control of the $120,000 account of accrued mooring fees, illegally collected by the “First Selectman’s Coastal Resources Advisory Committee,” largely composed of the same appointees to the new committee. That issue first saw the light of day here on FWIW.

    If, as Mr. Tesei says, we are a government of laws and not just of men, then who does control the bank account, where is the money, and why has the RTM not been involved in the collection and disbursement of these funds?

    Perhaps its time to bring in the FBI, and then we’ll see how government really works.