Obummer gets in touch with his inner middle class, confuses weather with climate


Pabst Blue Ribbon - it's all we serve here at the Big House

Fund raiser in a modest bungalow belonging to an out-of-work pipefitter, laid off when Keystone was vetoed.

At a posh fundraiser in Atlanta, where 40 guests each paid $35,800 to attend, President Obama talked about . . . the weather. As today’s White House pool reporter notes:

Potus talked about how he had been in Chicago and Atlanta and how the weather was so warm. “It gets you a little nervous about what is happening to global temperatures. When it is 75 degrees in Chicago in the beginning of March, you start thinking. On  the other hand, I really have enjoyed nice weather.”

The president was presumably referring to global warming.

This fundraiser was at the home of Tyler Perry. Here’s how the pooler describes the home:

“[It’s] a vast French –chateau style mansion reached by a steep winding road deep into the woods away from the road in a well heeled suburb of Atlanta. A fountain sits in the courtyard lit up by white lights under the water.

“The three story home complete with wooden shutters, that would have looked at home in the Loire Valley, was reached by a wide marble staircase leading up to the front door, inside which was a large crystal chandelier. The pool spotted a cozy looking library with antique volumes on the shelves as we were taken up two flights of stairs into a games room area, complete with a pub-style bar, pool table, antique chess set and large antique telescope.”


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7 responses to “Obummer gets in touch with his inner middle class, confuses weather with climate

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    I can’t get these numbers to work. So see if you can help me out. You numbers wizard, you. OK?
    There are about 311 million “people” in the U.S. Of which 157 million work. That leaves 154 million who don’t work. That is A LOT of asses on the beach, right Dude?
    Anyhows, so what are the 154 million lard asses doing, you ask? I wondered that myself!!
    Well, 36 million are over 65. So let’s figure they are retired, drinking prune juice, and praying for a soft stool. That still leaves 118 million asses to be accounted for.
    Well, 53 million are under 17, and we all know they don’t contribute squat, so we take them out of the tally. But we give the teen Cheerleaders a free pass. OK?
    That still leaves us with 65 million fannies to account for. Well, we have 2 million in jail. Those vermin. And we have 13 million unemployed. But the unemployed number is B.S. Everyone knows that. They don’t count people who have given up. So most folks with any brains – that may not be you – think the real number is like 19 million. So that leaves us with 44 million backsides to still account for. And we have 52 million getting government assistance. Meaning 8 million people who work still get aid. So what is up with that?
    And there are 1.2 million “professional” real estate agents in the U.S. Now THERE is an exclusive group!! Where do they fall? They surely pay no taxes, because they haven’t sold squat. Are they considered employed? I am really not sure. Is showing dirt a job? Or are they just a part of the vast unwashed masses? I vote for that!!
    But the numbers don’t seem to add up. And I pay attention to details, as you well know. Nothing escapes my fine little eye.
    You want to go grab some green beer and dance with some lassies? Ms. McBeal must be dancing a jig on some bar today!! That red headed little vixen.
    Your Pal,

  2. ISD

    Aren’t you the one who always focuses on a southern blizzard or cold front to disprove global warming? Obama is channeling your logic…he’s not as bright as I thought he was.

    • You must be Dollar Bill writing under a new alias – surely there can’t be two human beings so utterly lacking a sense of humor. My mentioning weather phenomenon is meant to illustrate the ludicrous position of idiot global warmists who blame every such event on global warming, even earthquakes and tsunamis. The point, Mssgr. Earwax, is you can’t have it both ways – if heat spells in Spokane are caused by global warming then blizzards in Boca Raton must be too. Or at least that was once a valid criticism until you guys switched gears and now claim you’re worried about “severe weather”, to cover all bases. Too bad for you that no one is listening anymore.

  3. ISD

    I think if you expanded beyond the Drudge report, pajama media, etc., you’d know that the global warming community hasn’t “switched gears”… “severe weather” has always been one of the consequences of global warming. Global “warming” refers to the warming trend of the arctic and sub arctic waters…and the circulation of there affects weather patterns globally, often resulting in severe weather.

  4. digler


    Nature moves in cycles. Remember the ice age? It is silly to think that man can fix the global warming problem…even if he {i.e. we} created it. God will fix things on his own terms and in his own time. This is just another issue that takes our attention of the real problems that we are all facing. It is also a boondoggle for the al gore’s of the world.

  5. Does seismic activity have anything to do with weather or effect humans ?
    Poll the Japanese, and compare the results with the Egyptians that had to abandon Cairo and move to Luxor 3,500 years ago because of a 20 year mini Ice Age that followed the creation of one of our Hawaii islands will they say maybe?….Japanese Islands moved 8 feet in 6 seconds…sub aqueous heat release likely had some effect on Pacific currents that dominate even our weather…prevailing Westerly wind …. adding available moisture to places like Anchorage…. what snows in Alaska is not available in Africa.
    If the Egyptians had Fords then they probably would have used them as some of the Japanese did to go to higher ground.
    The only reliable cycle that counts is that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
    Egyptians were not happy with the salt of the sea in their tea. Occupy Cairo has been going well for some time now… clock ticking ?
    More Gore or real planning to the fore ?
    Tea parties are not green Kool Aid parties…..

  6. pulled up in OG

    “Too bad for you that no one is listening anymore.”

    Checked with the insurance industry lately?