Who knew she had a show? Who knew Oprah was still (sort of ) around?


Down the rat hole together

Oprah Winfrey network flips the channel on Rosie O’ Donnell. I’d heard that Oprah (a former television hostess who once endorsed Husein Obama) had started some cable network with dismal results, but Rosie O’Donnell? Thought she went off the airwaves when Miss Gun Control’s armed bodyguard was discovered escorting her kids around here in Greenwich.


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4 responses to “Who knew she had a show? Who knew Oprah was still (sort of ) around?

  1. We had a serious problem with rodents in our home a few years ago. On the advice of an exterminator, we placed a photograph of Rosie in the attic and another in the basement. Haven’t seen so much as a mouse turd since that time. Of course, I do need to avert my eyes whenever I have to venture into those areas.

    OBTW: The exterminator said that this method would also deter infestations of termites and fungi.

  2. John in Old Gwch

    Not unlike you CF, there is really nothing about Obama that I like., and I can’t wait for him to be kicked out of the White House in November. But does your reference to Obama’s middle name expose a racist streak? Say what you want, it will sound like Rush back-peddling. I’m disappointed in you, but suspected it for years.

    • Aw, that’s just red meat tossed out for Dollar Bill to bite on. Or you, apparently. Besides, it is his middle name, and if you think that Hussein is somehow derogatory, isn’t it you who’s being racist? (I might have used “xenophobic’, but if you like racist, let’s go with it). You remind me of Dollar Bill constantly referring to Tea Party folks as homosexuals in the belief that by associating us with a group he despises we’ll somehow be hurt. Very revealing.

  3. Anonymous

    Wasn’t “Rosie” thrown out of Greenwich awhile back?