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This is ironic


Al Gore dancing on my ancestors' graves

NYC looking into erecting windmills on top of Staten Island’s Fresh Kills landfill. The landfill itself was created by simply dumping a mountain of garbage atop the old French Huguenot Cemetery, where many of my de la Fontaine ancestors are buried. And since they spent 100 years or so in Holland between being driven out of France by the mackerel snappers and arriving in New Amsterdam, they might appreciate windmills more than I do.

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First thing we do, let’s fire the IT Director

Peter Tesei approves town's backup system: "close enough for government work'

Massive computer failure wipes out 5 terabytes of data at town hall,  and there’s no back up (!)

A trove of electronic records that includes some 11,000 beach card renewal applications was lost over the weekend after a series of hard drive failures sustained by the town of Greenwich’s computer network, according to local officials, who are now scrambling to try to restore the precious data.

“Unfortunately, we have to rebuild the system from scratch and it will take some time,” said Boris Hutorin, the town’s information technology director.

Hutorin estimated that 5 terabytes of data — that’s 5 trillion bytes in layman’s terms — was wiped out as a result of what he characterized as an extremely rare occurrence.

Asked to elaborate on what the town meant by compromised, [Parks Director]  Siciliano said, “Not there, OK.”

All data entered by the parks department from Feb. 27 to date is unrecoverable, according to Siciliano, who said his office is having to pay out overtime to its full-time employees and additional hours to temporary workers to help sift through hard copies of the information that was lost.

The Griffith Harris Memorial Golf Course has resorted to taking reservations for tee times manually as a result of the situation, Siciliano said.

Hutorin characterized the problem as a fluke hardware failure that he said affected multiple storage area networks both Saturday and Sunday in the computer room at Town Hall.

Saturday’s hard drive failure resulted in a minimal loss of data, according to Hurtorin, who said that consecutive crashes on Sunday are to blame for the larger problem.

“The system is designed to work around this kind of failure,” Hutorin said.

While the first hard drive was being replaced on Sunday and the data was being “rebuilt,” a second hard drive failed, Hutorin said.

“It’s almost impossible to have this happen,” Hutorin said.

“Almost impossible”, obviously, isn’t the same thing as ”impossible”.  Do you suppose Hutorin has tenure?

UPDATE: Reader “Georgie” asks whether our Boris is the same Greenwich IT guy who was using town computers (and town time) to surf porn sites. Don’t know, but  the porn site in question was written entirely in Russian. Now, maybe Boris Hutorin has hired other Russians to work for him in the IT department and they’re the ones enjoying pictures of dirty  Russian girls (can we still call them sluts, or is that now off limits?) , or maybe he’s the only commie down there in the basement.  If Peter Tesei knows, he ain’t talking.


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Since Dollar Bill brought him up

Warning, liberals: humor inside

I don’t really think DB has ever actually read P.J.  O’ Rourke – PJ’s funny,  and his books aren’t illustrated – but somehow DB heard of one of his quotes:

PJ O’Rourke had it right when he wrote: “The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.”
And he’s a conservative!

And that’s funny, DB, really – trust me on this. But the full quote, you little selective editor, you,  is: ” The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn. The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.”

Anyhow, here’s  some more, since you seem to like the guy;

(My favorite):  Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.

America wasn’t founded so that we could all be better. America was founded so we could all be anything we damned well pleased.

Earnestness is stupidity sent to college. [Probably meant to say “Princeton” – Ed]

The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop.

There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.

If you’re feeling daring, Bill you might try to read Parliament of Whores.  Not endorsed by the New York Times but we won’t tell if you won’t.


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Ode to Greenwich (and every other town I’ve lived in)


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Girls with guitars

Norah Jones and an unidentified (why? she’s great) singer cover Niel Young’s “Tell Me Why” (starts 57 seconds in)


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One heartbeat away from the presidency

Then: I was against it before I was for it.

Now: “Attack on Bin Laden “most audacious plan in 500 years”. Hmm.

Leaving aside the little weasel’s Kerrying, I suspect there have been thousands of daring raids since 1500. Just off the top of the head, there was Doolittle’s. Took off with overloaded bombers off a boat never designed for such large aircraft and headed over to Japan with full knowledge that they didn’t have the fuel to return? That was pretty cool, Joe.

In the same speech, Biden says he spends “6 hours a day” with Obummer – whatever he has, it’s obviously catching.


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Did 12 Rocky Point’s quick sale drive home a point to these sellers?

37 Ledge Road

37 Ledge Road is just a couple of streets over from Rocky but unlike Rocky’s listing, this one didn’t sell in four days – it hasn’t sold at all, in fact. So today it took a 12% price cut, from $4.199 to $3.695 million. That’s better, although I doubt it’s enough.


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A couple of accepted offers

12 Rocky Point Lane did indeed hold its “highest and best offer” bidding over the weekend (bidding closed Monday, 9:00 AM) and reports an accepted offer today. Four days, sell your house. It can be done, and without “giving away” your house.

21 Flagler Drive, asking $2.995, has a fully executed contract. David Ogilvy’s seller, David Ogilvy’s buyer. Presumably the selling price will be over $2.550 million, but we’ll see.


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Price disclosed

195 Cat Rock Road (corner of Frontier), reported as under contract February 2 of this year has sold for $3.4 million on an original asking price of $3.995, later dropped to $3.695. Sellers paid $4.175 for it new in 2005 and it probably seemed like a good deal to them back then. There you have it.


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Dull day for new listings

There is very little fresh inventory but tons of stale, overpriced dreck. One new listing of some interest in the $3-$4 range, a couple of wildly overpriced houses above that and that’s about it, unless one cares to revisit the rejects of last year – I didn’t.


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She sure learned quick!

Chicago comes to the White House

Michelle says they’re teaching their kids “South Chicago values” and adds that butlers and stuff are “a world we know nothing about”. It’s a grand combination: nouveau rich and Chicago values – Rod Blagojevich was unavailable for comment.

Michelle Obama: For us, it’s the values. The thing that we try to do is make sure — the residence is on the second and the third floor of the White House. And what we want to have happen is when they get off that elevator and walk in to our residence that it feels like the south side of Chicago, the same values, the same rules, the same sense of responsibility.

Because, of course the stuff is different. There are butlers walking around, you know? We didn’t have that, you know. So, Barack and I really do work hard to, you know, figure out how you create those values in this other world that we know nothing about and we, you know, try to make sure the kids have chores to do.

Affirmative action child, you know?


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Maybe they should volunteer to read in that high school

A Langston Hughes reading, done correctly

Tom Hanks and Glenn Frey (who’s Glenn Frey?) yuck it up in blackface. But they’re not racists because they’re liberals!


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Fringe areas continue to wither on the vine

Noodle factory?

39 Bedford Road started at $5.2 million in 2009 and has been reduced today to $3.2. Looks like a Westchester design, which is good – that’s the market way out there.


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How bad is the market? Greenwich Fine Properties is now selling bungalows

High on a hill and convenient to transportation

56 Laddins Rock Road has an accepted offer – last price was $555,000. Started at $949,000 in 2009, which was probably a mistake.


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This must be that “shared sacrifice” her daddy’s always talking about

Hmm - Hawaii for Christmas, Colorado in February, Mexico in March; can Precious wait for her Vineyard vacation or should we head back to Aspen for spring skiing? The decisions I must make!

Malia Obama vacations (too early to “summer”) in Mexico with 13 of her rich friends from her private school, 25 Secret Service agents and the entire Mexican army.

“We were going to send her to Tahiti”, a White House spokesman explained, “but we decided that would send the wrong message”.

I don’t begrudge any kid a fun trip, but how come rich liberals always want others to sacrifice and not themselves? Gruel for thee, but not for me.


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Paul Simon sells out

Who the hell cares who he is, get us tickets!

Not in the bad sense but rather tickets to the Greenwich Festival at which he’ll appear May 26th sold out in just four days. That’s the good news – the bad is that rumors are flying that the tickets were scarfed up by scalpers and will reappear closer to the party date. True? I sure don’t know, but we’ll find out in the coming weeks, especially if Peter Tesei is spotted flogging them in the hallways of Town Hall.


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Sing like a n*****r, boy!

Speaking of tenured teachers, here’s one who interrupted a black child’s reading to insist that he “read it like a black” and when he refused, read it herself in the manner she wanted.

“She sounded like a maid,” one student observed.

The kid obviously never saw Blazing Saddles or he’d have known how to respond to such bigotry.


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