She sure learned quick!

Chicago comes to the White House

Michelle says they’re teaching their kids “South Chicago values” and adds that butlers and stuff are “a world we know nothing about”. It’s a grand combination: nouveau rich and Chicago values – Rod Blagojevich was unavailable for comment.

Michelle Obama: For us, it’s the values. The thing that we try to do is make sure — the residence is on the second and the third floor of the White House. And what we want to have happen is when they get off that elevator and walk in to our residence that it feels like the south side of Chicago, the same values, the same rules, the same sense of responsibility.

Because, of course the stuff is different. There are butlers walking around, you know? We didn’t have that, you know. So, Barack and I really do work hard to, you know, figure out how you create those values in this other world that we know nothing about and we, you know, try to make sure the kids have chores to do.

Affirmative action child, you know?


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20 responses to “She sure learned quick!

  1. Look on the bright side

    maybe they shouldn’t take vacations that only billionaires could afford

  2. It was his idea

    You know- You know- You know. That has to be a record for a Princeton Grad, you know.

  3. Does this mean that they’re teaching the kids how to do voter registration drives in cemeteries?

  4. CatoRenasci

    The Capone-Daley legacy. charming

  5. Dollar Bill

    Oh, heavens to mergatroid, if CF and his Fountainheads aren’t clutching their pearls and having fainting spells about those “illegitimate” hillbillies that happened upon the White House? [who said anything about Hussein’s parentage? – ED] Never mind that 56% of Americans voted for him (guess they were all bamboozled, eh?) [76% of Germans voted for Hitler, so what’s your point? – ED], or why we should seek out moral wisdom from a bunch of old, white [Ageist, racist – ED] washed over John Birchers who haven’t an original thought since 1964 when Ronnie Reagan was screaming about Medicare ushering in the dawn of socialism [he had that right, didn’t he? ED] . Now that you Teabagger geezers [homophobic and ageist – ED] are collecting Medicare, socialism doesn’t look so bad anymore, bunch of race-baiting hypocrites [pot, meet kettle – ED] you are.

  6. Ironic (or perhaps moronic!) that Michelle talked about values to David Letterman, a man of none.

  7. burningmadolf

    Values like going to Mexico on spring break at 13 y.o. with 25 SS agents?

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    DB: Teabagging is common practice that trancends sexual preference. Just ask Walt and his Asian R&T gals.

  9. Dogfella

    Poor Dollar Bill, just a brainwashed minion of the rapidly sinking left. He’s been reduced to halfwit platitudes, gibberish and the usual liberal coping mechanism “blame white men”. He is not capable of making a rational argument.

    • I’m sure that during DB’s high school years (assuming he got that far in the eduational system) he avoided reading anything written by dead white men and concentrated on liberation biographies and coloring books, so it’s hard to blame hin for being ignorant. And stupidity in an inheirted trait so again, blame his parents, not him. And finally, remember that he is a homosexual trapped inside a heterosexual’s body and hates himself – show him some compassion.

  10. Anonymous

    >>Never mind that 56% of Americans voted for him<<

    56% of Americans did not vote for him. 52.9% of voters did.,_2008

    69 million is alotta stupid people, but not a majority of Americans.

  11. Anonymous

    Teaching “Chicago values”:

    No doubt.

    >Chicago Called Most Corrupt City In Nation
    CHICAGO (CBS) ā€” A former Chicago alderman turned political science professor/corruption fighter has found that Chicago is the most corrupt city in the country….

  12. Anonymous

    never let facts get in the way of DBs view of the world.

  13. Cobra

    Apparently, based on his latest outburst above, Sphincter Bill must have again consumed some bad mussels (or, perhaps, muscles).

  14. Handgrenade

    Chris, just the other day you were preening about how you were not one to make ad hominem attacks.

    • I make an exception for Dollar Bill who calls me a racist hypocrite at the end of a long, rambling, incoherent rant filled with references to my being a homosexual, white, old male.

  15. Greenwich Gal

    This reminds me of my mother’s eye rolling when I tell her how I am trying to make my children make their own beds on the weekends and pick up after themselves. Yes, we have a housekeeper, yes we take luxury vacations and yet I want my children to not be completely spoiled and entitled. So, she is trying her best to remind them that they are in a unique situation – THE WHITE HOUSE. That they still have some family chores and expectations – What is wrong with that?

    • The point, if any, is for a girl claiming to be new to the pampered life she’s sure living it up as though she were to the manner born.

      As an aside, when one of my daughters was a young teen she began to express a resentment towards our middle class lifestyle – she’d go on a shopping trip to nyc with her girlfriends, they’d get $500 pocket money, we offered train fare and said the rest was on her, no Caribean vacations, etc.Her mom arranged for her to go on a church-sponsored trip to Guatemala where she slept in a hut with a dirt floor, walked a mile for water and helped build some simple huts. Came back a changed girl – grateful for what we did have and any sense of entitlement wiped right out. Of course, that has meant that she doesn’t understand my politics now but we love each other very much and I’m delighted with the woman she grew up to be. just saying.