Lost Kat in Riverside!!

Clients who have become friends of mine just moved into  a house on the corner of Lockwood Road and Breezemont and despite their best efforts to repair the fence surrounding the property their youngest (1 year or so) cat escaped last night.

With luck, he’s not trying to head back to his old home and is instead still around the area. If spotted, can you give me a call (203) 249-4394 or email me at christopher.fountain@gmail.com?

Here’s his name, but when has a cat ever responded to a name bestowed on it by a human? What do you think they are, dogs?

Thai Pan is microchipped, but the best chances we have to find him rely on someone seeing him in his/her backyard.

Name: Thai Pan
Age: 1yr 7 months, Weight: 9lbs
Coloring: Siamese (cream with dark brown tips).
Neutered male. He is scared of strangers at first, so people may not be able to get close to him.
Contact: 203-685-3025


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13 responses to “Lost Kat in Riverside!!

  1. Brian BTN

    Can you provide a description, as there are many free roaming cats in Riverside (with collars and tags).


  2. Anonymous

    Always best to keep cats inside. He is a beautiful Siamese!

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Siamese cats are the work of the devil. And yet I admire them. somehow…

  4. Greenwich Gal is correct. We have two of them. Hope your friends are quickly reunited with theirs.

    But “…despite their best efforts to repair the fence surrounding the property…” ??? What kind of fence is gonna keep a cat corralled for more than a minute? Escape artists they are.

    • It’s my understanding that this was a 12′ high mesh-wire, concertina-topped one, with klieg lights and armed guard towers spaced fifteen feet apart, plus a moat filled with burning oil and pit bulls stationed in front of said moat.
      But as you point out, cats are escape artists.

  5. Anonymous

    Siamese cats are wonderful beasts. Mine love to play fetch! Very smart and very cuddly lap cats and companions. I hope they get their furry friend back soon!

  6. Stanwich

    Coyotes probably got it already. Same as Kathie Lee’s bichon named Chardonnay. Sorry.

  7. Lockwood and Breezemont

    Thanks CF for posting and everyone else for the kind words. He actually must have snuck out when we let the dogs out for the last time last night without us noticing. Fortunately he had some mean claws and was a brilliant cat so those are the best defenses. I am cooking hamburgers outside as one last hail mary and with the chip, if anyone finds him, the vet will have our info. Thanks again everyone – the community support to “newbies” in town is greatly appreciated.

  8. anonymous

    Gosh, you didn’t warn your clients about the coyotes?

  9. Stanwich

    Yes, the cougar epidemic in Greenwich is truly problematic They stalk our bars, restaurants, places of worship….preying on unsuspecting wealthy men (cougars usually stalk younger men, but like in all else, Greenwich has a special breed).

    I tried to convince Jim Lash to fund a hunt back in 2004 but he didn’t bite. It was deer he wanted.

  10. No post from Walt about a loose, er, feline? An opportunity missed…