Tesei and Marzullo can relax – the leaf blower problem will solve itself

illegals at work at Chez Fontaine

Study: man-made noise stunts growth of trees, plants. So soon they’ll be no need for mowing or leaf collection.


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2 responses to “Tesei and Marzullo can relax – the leaf blower problem will solve itself

  1. Bob

    The high-pitched hand-held leaf blowers are used mostly by illegals. Aaahh, the nexus of a public nuisance and a national epidemic in one little issue. You have to love these landscapers who think it is their birthright to have cheap, human labor, so they can make a profit! When you add in all of the actual public costs of illegals, their actual cost per hour is $33.00. Your landscaper is fobbing off these other expenses on the taxpayer.

  2. Georgie

    This issue so totally illustrates the lack of leadership we currently have in this Town. Who the f___ cares about leaf blowing sounds in August?

    If First Selectman wanted to show leadership you put a ban on ALL months of the year or conversely you go the other direction and say leaf blowing is allowed all year, but not in the peak leaf blowing months Sept thru December..not this pussy footing 1 month ban in august when half the town is on vacation and sure enough there is nothing to blow away.

    What a waste of time.

    Perhaps, if our FS and others would have been worrying about REAL ISSUES such as a responsible backup and recovery plan for critical Town data we wouldn’t be in the mess with the 5 terabyte data loss.