Greta Garbo would hate this

A nice note from a newcomer to Riverside:

Today, our neighbor stopped by to welcome us to the neighborhood. She explained that our other neighbors were traveling and I will meet them next week. We lived in North Stamford for 1.5years and nobody ever came to welcome us to the neighborhood.
We may be on the “wrong side of the tracks,” and have I-95 background sound, but it feels as if anywhere is a great place to live in Riverside!


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8 responses to “Greta Garbo would hate this

  1. 1916

    just warms the cockles of my heart..
    btw she lives 3 or 4 doors away from 3 and 4 million dollar homes – hardly “the wrong side of the tracks”

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Why do you think I’ve nicknamed Stamford “Waziristan”?

  3. anon

    She explained that our other neighbors are Fat Cats who work in private equity and are away on exotic vacations for two weeks with their kids who are currently on break from their fancy private schools. So unless we cough up $35K a year per kid to send them to Brunswick, our kids will never get to play lacrosse with the kids next door!

    • N0, but if you’ll tug your forelock when you meet, I’m sure they’ll let you retrieve errant lacrosse balls
      Or just tell them you’re Irish and they’ll order you to

  4. Cobra

    Are you sure the “neighbor” wasn’t casing the joint?

  5. Cobra

    Ah ha! The “neighbor” must therefore be a cat burglar.